Explore Diverse Wildlife with Wildlife Tours in India

Nestled in rolling hills, sapphire rivers, emerald forest cover, and serene backdrop along with spectacular wildness makes India a land of aesthetic natural beauty.
All of this stuff makes incredible India a destination worth visiting and nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and environmentalist visit India from far countries.
You can imagine the great diversity of wildlife from its 70 national parks and 448 wildlife sanctuaries along with 28 Tiger reserves.
Date with wild species that are found nowhere else other than in Wildlife Destinations in India. Some of the popular destinations are:
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary- The national park is situated in Gujarat state of India and covering an area of 1412 square kilometers. It was established in early 1995’s and is also referred as Sasan Gir and Girvan Forest as they have highest population of Lions. Apart from lions, this Wildlife Sanctuary in India an ideal shelter for other species of animals such as four-horned antelope, small Indian mongoose, Indian flying foe, wild boar, chinkara, hedgehog etc. Witness the wildlife creature from close by opting for Wildlife Safaris.
Periyar National Park- It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala, situated on the picturesque Periyar Lake. The park is full of natural bounty that you can witness through its rich biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna. Tourists from all across the globe Tour to Kerala to see the enchanting wildlife species that are found nowhere else. Cruise in boat through Periyar Lake to closely encounter wildlife and nature’s beauty. Also you can visit another most sought after tourist attractions Cardamom Hills, well known for its tea and spices plantation.
Kaziranga National Park- It is a well reserved natural hub of various wild life species in India, located on the bank of mighty Brahmaputra River in the Golaghat and Nagaon district of the state of Assam. You can witness here large breeding populations of huge and beautiful one horn Rhinoceros, Elephants, wild water Buffaloes, hog Deer, sloth Bears and Monitor Lizards etc. Here you can even enjoy the elephant safari which is an interesting activity and allures wildlife buffs from all over the world.
There are some more wildlife sanctuaries in India where you can relish the enthralling thrill and adventure activities while enjoying the sight of some exotic species of both flora and fauna. Make your Wildlife Tours in India a lifetime experience by staying in luxury resorts that provides you complete comfort.

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Khoya and Gulkand Burfi – Indian Sweet Recipes

Khoya and Gulkand Burfi recipe is mainly prepared in India, you will find this recipe in northern region of India, Here this recipe is made easy to prepare for new to cooking field, Use of khoya – sugar- clarified butter makes it high calorie recipe but very tasty and delicious to use.

Ingredients required to make Khoya and Gulkand Burfi

1/2 kg – soft khoya or mawa
2 cups – powdered sugar
3 tbsp – ghee (clarified butter)
1/2 tsp – cardamom powder
1 tsp – cardamom powder
2 tbsp – gulkand (a mixture with rose extract)
6 to 8 – almonds, slivered
small silver lining (varakh) for decoration (optional)

Method for preparing Khoya and Gulkand Burfi

1. Place a heavy pan on low flame and put gulkand into it.

2. You can even add 4-5 fresh red-rose petals to it.

3. Stir gently for a while and when you see soft lumps form, remove from the flame and leave it aside to cool.

4. Now mash the khoya with your hand.

5. Apply some ghee to grease your palms and mash the khoya well so it becomes soft and smooth.

6. Add powdered sugar and mix it well.

7. Put the mixture in a large non-stick pan, add 2 tbsp ghee and heat it on high flame for 2-3 minutes.

8. Now heat it on low flame, stirring continuously.

9. Once you see it take a light-brown color and the ghee starts separating at the edges of the pan, remove from flame.

10. The sugar will leave water, so the mava consistency should be thick yet granular and soft. If you think it is too dry, add 2 more tbsp ghee to it.

11. Now add cardamom powder and mix well.

12. Take a small portion of the mixture, around 1/4th, in another pan, add the gulkand to it and stir to make a red-colored mawa mixture.

13. Now keep the 2 mixtures separate and allow it to cool till you can manage it with your hands without scalding your skin.

14. Take half of the white mixture and spread it on a greased plate with edges.

15. Then spread the red gulkand mixture on top of it, and put a third layer of the white mixture right on the top.

16. Garnish with slivered almonds or pistachios and silver varakh.

17. Once the mithai sets a little, make small bite-sized squares using a blunt knife, then set it into the refrigerator for about 10 mins.

18. Remove from the fridge, cut the sqaures and remove them from the plate and store them in an air-tight container.

19. You can preserve this sweet for 4 to 5 days in the fridge.

20. Serve this beautiful gulkand burfi to your guests and spread the spirit of friendship and love!

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Rita_Thakkar

Periyar Lake Rides ? Enjoy the Jungle Safari


The 26 sq.km Periyar Lake lies in the center of the Cardamom hills and is surrounded by southern part of Western Ghats. Periyar is situated in Idukki, the southern district in Kerala. The Periyar Lake was created after the Mullaperiyar Dam was constructed by the British Government, in the year 1895, which is 117 years ago. It is due to this dam, there is a constant supply of water for all the wildlife living here.

All the animals like elephants, tigers, and others come to this lake to drink water. The perfect way to enjoy a lake cruise and a safari is to hire a boat ride for a day and enjoy watching the flourishing eco-system of this Periyar National Park.

Tourists from around the world visit the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Periyar Tiger Reserves and to top it all, they also take full advantage of the Periyar Lake safari. It is a best way out of your hectic schedule in the city. Spending memorable days with your children, who will truly enjoy being here, could do well to you. You can also enjoy Elephant Safari, Lake Safari and trekking in the woods. So, contact a reliable tour & travel agency, and make bus ticket reservations to travel with utmost comfort.

You will be delighted to know that while you are at this place, you are surrounded by 2000 types of flowering plants, 169 species of grasses, 155 types of Fabaceae and 170 species of ferns. Besides, there are 62 various types of mammals, 45 different reptiles and 320 bird species.

The popular birds and animals that can be seen around are Tigers, Elephants, Mongoose, Wild dogs, Deer, Fox, Leopard, Mouse deer and Sambar. Well, all this isn’t enough, as there is more to excite you while you are at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You opt for charter bus rental, which will be very comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, including you and family members.

The lake is the only place, where animals come to drink water and hence, most of the tourists prefer to take boat rides organized by the forest department. The boats smoothly cruised over the lake water, showing you the place around. These boats are safe and are an interesting way to tour the forest.

During the peak season, which the summers, you’ll get to see elephants bathing and playing in the lake. If you are lucky, then you might spot a few other animals that often come to drink water at the Periyar Lake. There are many different species of birds, which you can spot near the lake.

The boats can carry 50 to 150 people at a time for a ride, which are popular attraction for tourists and locals in Periyar. A boat ride through the Periyar Lake with its beautiful surroundings along with the thrill of exploring wildlife makes it an overall a wonderful experience, which you could treasure for years to come.

The centrally located Periyar Lake, surrounded by a wide spread National Park, attracts numerous kinds of wildlife, thus making it the most flourishing tourist spot. If you want more information regarding a charter bus rental while travelling in group or with family members, then it would be best to contact a local travel agent. 

Pradeep NS (Kannan) is a pioneer in transport and tourism with a quarter century of experience and expertise has a network of contacts, who introduced the very first interstate transport in the state of Kerala. Today Megha Tours and Travels has several bus services to major cities of India. After this golden success, we have turned into our dream project of custom designed tour operation in the South India. More information please visit - http://meghatravels.com


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Honeymoon in Kerala: Romance Emanates From the Backwaters and Hills

  Kerala holiday package brings to you a world where there is no dearth of astonishingly beautiful elements. Right from the majestic hills to the verdant, wet jungles to the charismatic house boats, this magical place conjures up everything you ask for. Kerala may be a small state lingering in the southern corners of the vast and diverse India, but it is, undoubtedly, the most wonderful and uniquely amazing holiday spot for anyone looking for an out of the world experience. Its charming beaches are lined with those titillating, tall, shadowy palm trees that emanate breeze in plethoric amounts in the serene sand shores often melted by the warmth of the incoming waves. It is this romantic ambience of the state that lures every couple to go for a honeymoon in Kerala.

  Beauty of the Backwaters: Kerala’s uniqueness is credited chiefly to its natural water source. While the state has its share of sea shores, it is the backwater that has brought recognition and glory to the place alongside the much envied tranquility. Those going for a holiday in Kerala will be simply fascinated by the slow & shy lakes, streams, rivulets and lagoons that so magnificently ornament this place. The depths of these backwaters can be best explored if you take a ride in the conventional house boats. The experience can leave you begging for more- especially if you are accompanied by your loved one. Is it any wonder then that Kerala has been bejeweled with the title of God’s own country? It is the grandeur of the natural water bodies that simply invoke comparisons with paradise.

  Wildlife: The tourists also love to flash their cameras and give a feast to their eyeballs in this scenic corner of the planet. Being an extremely green and wet area, there is plenty of flora and fauna around. Kerala holiday package throws before you opportunities of getting close to some of the rare birds and animals in some of the renowned sanctuaries and parks.

  Sight-seeing: Holiday in Kerala is synonymous to seeing things around-be it the panoramic view points or the rippling waterfalls. Gardens, museums and other hot spots are plentiful as well. Kovalam, Bekal, Varkala and Alappuzha are famous tourist spots. But it is Munnar resort that takes the cherry when it comes to spending a cozy honeymoon in Kerala. Idduki, Rajamala and Devikulam are other hill stations that are glistening with natural flush.

  Sports including boating, swimming, para gliding and water skiing are also enjoyed by youths. Ayurveda is another big plus. And the hotels, culture and food are extremely besotting!

Hungry Bags is a renowned travel agency that offers excellent packages for honeymoon in Kerala, holiday in Kerala and an exclusive Kerala holiday package. Convenience and economy are guaranteed with satisfying arrangements & plans.

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Nelliyampathy is an Amazing Hill Station on the Western Ghat Mountain Ranges in Palakkad District, Kerala State, South India. This wonderful Hill Station is one of the interesting Destinations for Ecotourism in Kerala and is located just 75km away from Palakkad Town. The green lush forests covering the whole Hill area, Coffee, Tea, Cardamom, Vegetable and Orange Plantations, Waterfalls and the misty and cool climate of Nelliyampathy Hills offers a delightful Vacation to the tourists. Nestled in the greenery of the Western Ghat, the tour to Nelliyampathy Hills will provide you with breathtaking views of the Green Valleys. Misty Green Valley of Nelliyampathy Hills is every tourist’s Dream Destination.

Nelliyampathy is situated at a height of 467 m to 1572 m above Sea level. The Journey to Nelliyampathy Hills itself thrilling. There are about ten hairpin curves on the way. There are many beautiful View Points Enroute to Nelliyampathy Hills.

The other important Destination, Enroute to Nelliyampathy Hills is Pothundy Dam and Reservoir. Pothundy Reservoir is situated about 17 km from Palakkad, Enroute to Nelliyampathy Hills and serves as a perfect stopover. This reservoir was built across the rivers Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha; both are the tributaries of Ayalar. Pothundy Reservoir is situated in the midst of Picturesque Scenery and gives a fascinating view. Pothundi Dam is an Irrigation Dam. The specialty of this Dam is that, it is built without Cement or Concrete. A mixture of Jaggery and quick lime is used instead of Cement to construct this dam. This Dam, built in late 1800 AD is a real wonder for the new technology…

The other attractions in Nelliyampathy hills:

Seethargundu View Point is situated in the Western Ghat at Nelliyampathy at a distance of 8 km. This place is associated with Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Ram, Lakshman and Sita rested here during their fourteen years exile. Seethargundu Waterfall that flows from 100 ft gives a wonderful experience. This place gives a panoramic view of stone queries and paddy fields spread around resembling a green blanket. Seethargundu Estate is one of the best Organic farm cultivating Tea and Coffee. Mampara, Padagiri, Kesavpara and Pothundy reservoirs are some of the near by attractions worth visiting.

Mampara Peak is the most fascinating view point located in Nelliyampathy at a height of 5250 feet above sea level. From Raja’s Cliff one can have a breath taking view of the entire Mountain range, Green Forests, Reservoirs and Waterfalls. The terrain is very rough in most places and can be accessed by mountain Jeeps and some places only by jungle paths.

This area is fully surrounded by number of Tea Gardens, Coffee Estates and Cardamom Plantations. There various wild animals such as elephants, giant squirrels, sambars and leopards inhabited in the adjoining hills. This forest also houses rare varieties of wild birds.

Nelliyampathy’s hilly terrain and thick forest provides immense opportunities for Trekkers. As most of the hills have a height ranging from 500 meters to 1600 meters, they provide tremendous potentials for Trekkers to explore the terrain and forests. Padagiri Peak is an excellent place for Trekking.

There is a Base Camp at Kaikatty, where, Trekking and Camping facilities are provided. During the Trekking trials, tourist can enjoy the flora and fauna of Nelliyampathy Forests and also have an opportunity to watch Wildlife and Birds.

This wonderful Tourist Destination is growing as one of the most interesting Destinations in Kerala. We are conducting Holiday Packages for Nelliyampathy Hills along with Palakkad Tour. Tourists can contact us regarding queries and Packages. We can provide the same with reasonable rate.

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The Wonder Coffee Bean and The Origin of Coffee

The world has enjoyed coffee for over centuries and since then the wonder bean has undergone significant modifications and has an important role in history and culture of humankind. That perfect brewed cup of dark coffee to brighten your day with the irresistible combination of donuts is definitely a good start of the day. As I sipped my cup of coffee surfing through the channels of my Dish TV, a food show caught my attention on preparation of several variations of coffee drink apart from the normal espresso, latte, cappuccino, and mocha. It was quite interesting to know about the preparation of so many variants in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need for that is good quality selected coffee beans, roasted in the right manner as the flavor and the aroma depends on the variety and the size of the bean. Read on below if you want to explore the world of coffee connoisseurship with few interesting facts about the origin of coffee and how it was used in olden days.

The coffee bean is a seed of red and purple fruit of the coffee plant or evergreen shrubs often resembling cherry and is cultivated in around seventy countries of the world mostly in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Coffee is one of the most traded and valued commodity and has played a significant role in the society. It is one of the most consumed beverages of the world and has stimulating effects due to its caffeine content inducing instant energy. The beans grown in different parts of the world have distinct characteristics from each other in varying flavors like acidity, and caffeine content depending on the environment it is grown and the methods of processing.

Arabica and Robusta are regarded as the two important types even though there are thousands of varieties grown worldwide.  Arabica coffee beans are of higher quality and a coffee lover would prefer because of its desirable flavors and aromatic properties. It results into a superior grade of coffee and has a lesser percentage of caffeine. These beans tend to be expensive as it is difficult to cultivate because of the vulnerability of the Arabica plant to pest and diseases.  Arabica has other popular varieties under it named after the region or country where they are cultivated like the aromatic Columbian, Bourbon, Hawaiian Kona, exotic Jamaican Blue Mountain, Panama and the rich Sulawesi and many others. Unlike Arabica, Robusta is easier to grow as it has a very high resistance to weather and disease. These beans are high in caffeine and give a higher yield. The quality of the beans is of lower grade and is less expensive but does not vary in flavors except for little bitterness when compared to Arabica. Though Robusta is not categorized into significant types of bean, it’s available as strange Civet and expensive Kopi Luwak. Most of the coffee drinkers wouldn’t even notice the varieties when it comes down to freshness of the brew.

The word coffee did not become synonymous instantly to the present generation. Thousands of years ago, it was discovered in the northeast region of Ethiopia where a shepherd noticed the changes in goats after eating the berries from a bush.  After trying out the berries, the goat herder felt an adrenaline rush in his senses which made him feel better. Then the shepherd spread the news of this wonder bean to the nearby monastery, and later the popularity spread thought Arab and to the world. The first coffee shop was opened in Turkey, and it was the Turks who used this brewed beverage as a drink blending with spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom and anise.

Tina is a freelance writer and she likes to sip her freshly brewed coffee relaxing on the couch watching shows on her Dish TV and researching for some of the world’s best coffee brewing methods, origin of coffee bean and its types.

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Munnar and its amazing surrounding tourist destinations

Munnar is located at the confluence of three mountain valleys – Mudrapuzha, Nallathani, Kundala. Munnar is one of the most enchanting hill stations in Kerala which situated at the 1520 meters above the sea level. Completely mountain streams, fragrant of cardamom bushes, total expansive tea plants, wooded and grassed hills and valleys. It makes this place a true heaven on earth. it’s an idyllic tourist destination and glory in the exquisiteness of Mother Nature. The special feature of Munnar is the mountain flower Neelakurinji that bloom once in 12 year.

The temperature ranges between 10 degrees to 0 degrees in winter and 8 degrees to 16 degrees in summer. Munnar enjoys salubrious climate. Munnar offers absolute serenity in the ambience, which makes it even more spectacular. Mainly the season start the month of September to till May. The unending dew-drenched tea and spices plantations really looking majestic and fascinating recall the feel heaven in the light mist atmosphere.

Top station
Tea museum.

These places are the most attractive tourist attractions in Munnar and surrounding regions. Here below mentions some peculiarities of these attractive tourist destinations.

Mattupetty situated at a height of 1700 meters from the sea level where you can see the tea gardens and beautiful lakes. If you have planned your vacation with your family and kids, then Mattupetty is the best place to start with a dairy farm run by the Indo- Swiss Livestock Project where one would come across different high yielding verity of cows. Beauty of Green Tea Estates and shoal forests its ideal for trekking and home to verity of birds.

Eravikulam National Park, located 15km from Munnar is an amazing landscape. This park is the home of several species of birds, animals and butterflies. This is one of the main attraction of kids when your vacation trip coming with their. Here you can find a rare species of goat, known as Nilgiri Tahr This park is also give a magnificent view of tea plantations. This park spread over an area of 97km.

Anamudi is the right place for the honeymoon couples. This is the highest peak in Southern India which is almost 2695 meters and offers a panoramic view of the entire place. Beautiful slopes, rare flora and fauna. Trekking of peak is allow there only the permission of forest and wildlife authorities of Earavikulam

Last but not the least is Christ Church. Your never forgot the place Christ church is situated and the church was constructed in the year 1910 by the British and is entirely made up of stone. Its stain glass windows and brass plaques make it feeling memory.


Hotels and Resorts play a major role in giving the heavenly feel in Munnar. There is verity of choices for you to make your accommodation both comfortable and memorable, at the same time. Accommodations in munnar offer top class amenities to pamper you which will surely make you feel at home. So, make this vacation exciting and unforgettable for your loved ones, by simply holidaying in Munnar, the PARADISE ON EARTH.

Author is an eminent analyst and writer in Kerala Tourist Places Related Articles. He has authored many books on tour guide for Kerala Tourism and Munnar Resorts

Spices- Savor the Flavors of India Body

India is known for their spicy and tangy flavors. No Indian meal is complete without amazing spices. These spices can be in the form of dried seed, fruit, root, bark, leaf, or vegetative substance and add amazing taste.

The Indian spices are not only used in foods but these are also used in beverages. There are a variety of Indian spices available in the market which every woman use while preparing food in daily basis. Indians love their food to be spicy.

Range of Indian spices includes asafetida, cardamom, cassia, chilly, cumin, curry leaf, garlic, ginger, and many more. These spices are also treated as the ayurvedic medicine as these have many medicinal properties to cure the diseases.

Below there is a list of different Indian spices with their specialty:

Cardamom- There is two types of cardamom: large and small which are available in the market. Both of them have different taste. These are used to flavor both food and beverages. Small cardamoms are broadly used in South Asia to treat infections in teeth and gums. They also help in curing throat problems, congestion in the lungs, pulmonary tuberculosis, and digestive disorders.

Turmeric-It is used in the form of powder or paste to add color in the food. It is used in almost every dish in India. Turmeric is used as an anti- inflammatory agent and remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort and other digestive disorders. The turmeric paste is traditionally used by Indian women to enhance their beauty as it acts as an anti- aging agent. Turmeric is also used to dye fabrics. It is considered highly auspicious in India and used in customary ceremonies.

Cumin seeds- Cumin seeds are used to give distinctive aroma to the dishes. It is the well known spice across the globe. It helps in soothing stomach disorders. This aids digestion and stimulates enzymes. It is generally used in both foods and beverages to add flavor to it.

There are many more spices available in the market which comes with medicinal properties and amazing taste. These spices are also popular in different countries. These are treated as herbal products and are also used in the medicines to cure people. There are many manufacturers who provide the best quality spices after analysis their quality in the labs. In the market these spices are available in different forms.


Liver Care Tips and Tips to Enlarge and Improve Liver

It can be used for the treatment of catarrhal jaundice and liver enlargement. A decoction of the juice of the herb is prescribed in doses of one teaspoon twice a day. To make the juice more effective, it can be added with essences of cardamom and cinnamon.

Read more on Liver Cirrhosis Treatment and Constipation Treatment and Herbal Remedies for All Ailments

The herb is also beneficial if there is mucus discharge accompanied with the catarrhal jaundice. In that case the juice of a few leaves is mixed with crushed peppercorns and taken with curds early in the morning for seven successive days.

A Liver disease can be described as the infection affecting liver. Cancer, Hepatitis, Glycogen storage disease type II, etc, are the disease that carry the liver damaging capacities.

Treatment of Liver Problem

Treatment depends on the type and period of the cirrhosis. Its aim is to stop the progress of the cirrhosis, reverse (to whatever extent possible) the damage that has already occurred, and treating complications that are disable or life-threatening.

The treatment of fatty liver is correlated to the cause. It is imperative to remember that simple fatty liver may not have need of treatment.

The benefit of weight loss, dietary fat constraint, and exercise in obese patients is inconsistent.

Reducing or eliminating alcohol use can improve fatty liver due to alcohol toxicity.

Tips to take care of your liver

You should take a very good care of one of the most essential organ of your body. Here I have mentioned 6 tips to take care of your liver.

1. Coffee can help you prevent liver cancer

Coffee can prevent the most common type of liver cancer. Coffee is not only a source of a good energy drink but it also helps you to prevent liver cancer.

It has been found in a study that included more than 90,000 Japanese, that people who drink coffee regularly have 50% less liver cancer risk as compared to those who never have coffee.

2. Milk thistle increase the liver function

You should purchase milk thistle from chemist. It is helpful to protect and enhance the function of liver as it contains Silymarin, which serves in repairing the liver damaged parts.

Silymarin is a very powerful antioxidant; at least 10 times stronger anti-oxidant agent as compared to Vitamin E. Liver plays an important role in detoxifying the pollutants and processing nutrients and fats. Milk thistle helps in preventing the reduction of glutathione. Glutathione is that substance which is essential for the liver while performing the function of detoxification.

3. Take Vaccinations to prevent Hepatitis A

Your liver could be badly affected by Hepatitis A. Although a patient recovers fro this disease within 6 months but it symptoms can make you uncomfortable and disturb your daily activities for sometime. An average adult may not be able to work for at least 5 to 6 weeks due to Hepatitis A.

6. Avoid Liver diseases by Eating Yogurt daily

You can avoid liver diseases by eating 200g of yogurt daily. It is suggested that it can help you to reduce the chances of developing a fatty liver.

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Periyar National Park,kerala,india-wild Elephants Habitat

Periyar National Park, land of diverse wildlife is located in the cardamom hills in Iduki district in South-East Kerala in proximity to Kalakad-Mundanthurai tiger reserve in Tamilnadu. Periyar meaning Big river is one of the oldest protected areas of Southern Ghats of India. It was declared as national part in 1982 and came under the ambit of project tiger in 1978. Its a prime tiger land. The total area under the park is 777 Sq kms consisting of valleys, plains & wetlands. Its other name is Thekkady .The major attraction of the park is 26 Sq Km long lake formed due to the constriction of Mulla periyar Irrigation dam inundating forest land. This lake now is the primary water hole of the park & a boat ride in this lake is highly rewarding.
We arrived at Kumily after long journey but the tiredness of journey petered out by mere feeling to be in periyar tiger reserve.The starting point of park is about 6 kms from Kumily which can be approached by vehicle.We stayed in KTDC run periyar house near the entry point. A very significant thing came to my notice that since 2004, park is controlled by periyar foundation where park administration & local people work together for wildlife conservation.Such experiments are non-existent in India but in Africa such experiments are working successfully.Such experiments if extended to other parks, local people-wildlife conflicts would cease with the passage of time.
We decided to visit periyar river on boat. 26 sq km vast periyar river consists of small islets & creeks suitable as wildlife habitats.The boating in river is unique as it provides an opportunity to see vast variety of wildlife.The river is visited by herds of elephants, Cheetal,gaur & predators like wild dogs, tigers & leopards. The remains of trees provide a distinct look to the periyar river. Our journey was rewarded by varieties of birds, a herd of elephants, sambhar.
Next day we decided to go on nature walk allowed in periyar Tiger reserve.Though scary in tiger land but nature walk is very adventurous.We spotted numerous birds & butterflies. Periyar is home to more than 320 bird species & 160 species of butterflies. Trigger happy people (photographers) like me are rewarded beyond our imagination.
Periyar park is unique for various reasons/facilities namely:-walk in the wild, boating in periyar river, bamboo rafting, tribal heritage, tow bullock cart discoveries which are not available in other national parks.
Its unique location, available wildlife and unique facilities made it worth visiting part. Best time to visit the park is SeptemberMarch.
How to reach:-
By Air:-Nearest Airport is Kochi about 290 Kms from Thekkady.
By Rail:- Nearest rail head is Kottayam about 119 Kms from Thekkady.
By Road:- Reach kottayam by rail then kanjirappally-Vandiperiyar-Kumily-Thekkady.


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