Spice Up Home Decor This Christmas

Christmas is here again and it is that time of the year when homes are decked up beautifully. Celebrating Christmas minus the Christmas decor is like celebrating Holi without the colours.  It is the decorations that set the festive mood. For some people Christmas decoration begins and ends with Christmas trees and cakes. However, to set the mood for the celebration something more is needed. The home must be dressed up for the right occasion with a matching decor.

As for tradition, the right time for putting up decorations is 1 December. Those who have the time can start the process in early December itself so that by the time Christmas comes the home would be perfectly set to enjoy the joyous occasion. Others who do not have the time and have left it for the last minute, the following is a guide so that you do not miss anything. Let’ look at some of the essential items that are required to spice up the home decor this festive season.

Christmas Tree

It is the most important part of Christmas decorations.  Christmas trees are usually evergreen coniferous trees as these trees have leaves in all seasons. Either real or artificial trees are used for decorations. Christmas trees are mostly placed inside the home and beautifully decorated with candles, lights, ornaments, garlands, tinsels, and candy canes. An angel or star is placed at the top of the tree to represent the host of angels or the Star of Bethlehem. Pine trees are also used as Christmas trees.

Christmas Stockings

These are sock-shaped bags that are hung on fireplace mantel so that Santa Claus can place small toys, candy, fruits, coins or other small Christmas gifts in it.


It is an ornamental star shaped Christmas lantern from the Philippines. As the shape of the lantern is in the form of a star, it reminds of the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the manger.

The Holly

The Holly has been part of Christmas decorations from time immemorial. Since it is supposed to prevent the entry of evil spirits, The Holly is usually placed on the entrance doorway.


It is commonly used as a Christmas decoration. Neatly trimmed mistletoe balls are hung up inside the home and according to ancient custom, a girl and a boy who meets under a hanging of mistletoe must kiss each other.

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Spice M-6868

For those who look for value for money and quality at the same time while purchasing mobile phones, Spice mobile phones offer the perfect choices. Spice is one of the fastest growing brands in the field of mobile phones. In the short span since its inception, Spice mobiles have achieved the level that not many can do. In the year 2007, they have won Golden Peacock Award. In this tough competitive market, many companies are fighting for space and attention. With Spice M-6868, the company has offered yet another mobile phone that is designed for users who want this gadget at affordable prices.

Spice has always surprised its followers with new gadgets designed with innovative technology. They offer best when it comes to features and technology. Spice- M6868 is the latest phone with lots of multimedia features. This is a phone with dual SIM capabilities. Though this phone is simple, it has lots of functionality regarding communication and entertainment. This is a touchscreen phone with 3D user interface and excellent quality. With this phone in your hands, enjoy features to make your life easier and more entertaining. Its features include multiple audio file supported media player, The resourceful features on board include multiple audio file supported media player, FM radio, 8 GB external memory, T-Flash memory card compatibility, and spacious on-board storage capacity. If you are fond of messaging like other youngsters, you have your choice with email, MMS, and SMS. Other features include 3.2 megapixels camera with video recording, digital zoom, MP4 video player, internet connectivity options, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, USB connectivity, WAP browser for surfing the Internet, stereo Bluetooth, preloaded games, good battery backup, among others.

If you want a feature packed dual SIM mobile at low price, this Spice mobile price surely attracts you. Apart from features, this phone comes with accessories like Spice M 6868 USB cable, User guide, Battery, Charger and Headset.

This Spice mobile phone comes in a sturdy bar design with stylish looks. It has an 8.75 cm big display with 3D user interface along with sharp resolution. With such screen, you can enjoy good quality videos, image and content. This mobile phone looks elegant in white color that is perfectly suited for fashion conscious people. The audio and music delivered by this phone is of awesome quality. For rich music experience, you can enjoy its multiple audio file player and FM radio. If you want to know about Spice mobile price in India, you can search online at various reputed mobile stores.

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Spices: Indispensable part of life

A very common feedback by the youngsters of today is that music means a lot to them, it adds spice and flavour to an otherwise dull life. Similarly, food also becomes dull and tasteless if spices are not added to it. A well-prepared food using different spices add unique aroma and flavour to our food. Be it chili powder or Bengal gram or any other variety of spices, all have the potential to make the food lip smacking.

Spices are generally strong flavoured aromatic substances originated from vegetables. In specific sense, a spice is a dried seed, fruit or root. Bark or vegetative substance used in nutritionally insignificant qualities as an additive to food for the flavour purpose. Spices are not only necessary for taste but also for health as they supply calcium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene and other antioxidants. Fresh parsley is used to prevent cancer due to its antioxidant content as a spicy food is much more appealing than a vitamin pill. Spices do not have any kilojoules or fat, so you can have it until your heart’s content. These are obtained from tropical plants which are commonly used as condiment. These spices are of many types and though all are not very good for the healthy but all have obviously flavour to make the food very yummy and delicious. Chili powder, garam masala, Bengal gram etc. are few of the spices those are used very commonly for each and every recipe.

You might be amazed to know that in our ancient times spices were used as gold. Spices have a lot of significance in the manufacturing processes of various medicines, perfumes and preservatives. India is best known for its food and spices and is also known as the ‘Land of Spices’. Kerala, an Indian state, produces many kinds of spices of premium quality and gives a tough competition to most of the other spice-rich countries.

India holds the premier position in the spices market as it produces around 2.75 million tones of spices which are valued at 4.2 billion US $ . Almost all spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc, are grown here in India due to the variation of climates from tropical to sub-tropical, 45 °C to 0 °C temperate. Almost all the spices are grown in abundance in all parts of India, thanks to the suitable climate. Although spices are meant for long term, but they will definitely lose their potency with age. Most spices do retain their flavour for about a year, while dried and ground versions are best used within six months.

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Exclusive Spice mobiles in india

The Spice Group has invested Rs 2,000 crore in telecom over the last few years and will invest another $ 2 billion over the next decade. Our target is to generate revenue of $ 20 billion over the next 10 years, with India contributing $ 4 billion, said official sources. Recently, company has launched the India’s first 3G & 2G dual sim Android phone ‘Spice Mi-350’ that will bring you all the Android advantages and also enable you to manage your personal & professional calls separately.

Spice has signed a deal with sound technology & enhancement solution provider ‘SRS labs’, under which SRS WOW HD audio enhancement is integrated in the selected Spice mobile handsets including Spice M6700 Cappuccino, M6450 Metal and M 6900 Knight. The Senior Marketing Manager, Spice Mobility, Deepak Verma, said that “In this day and age, it seems that consumers rely on their phones for multitasking particularly as full-featured media players.

So by embedding our latest phones with SRS WOW HD we can ensure that Spice Mobility customers will experience the highest-quality multimedia performance from their devices anywhere and anytime, further solidifying our efforts to build brand loyalty and keep our customers coming back”. Company offers you exclusive collection of dual sim mobiles, which have organisation of various multimedia features & quite affordable.

Spice Blueberry Mini is one of the simple yet functional dual sim mobile handsets offered by the company that offer you rich multimedia experience at best price. It has been sported with MP3 player with dual speaker, FM radio with scheduled FM recording option, 1.3MP camera with digital camera, WAP browser, GPRS internet connectivity and many more.

Similarly, Spice Blueberry Express is newly launched dual sim mobile having plenty of functional features and enables the users to carry two different contact numbers & take advantages of the best plans offered by the different service providers. Though, its bar design with QWERTY keypad is simple but still looks quite appealing. Blueberry Express is available in two shades: Black & Blue. You will enjoy the quality music with its multiple audio file supported media player & FM radio.

Spice Blueberry Aura is one more member of this family. However, the limited battery life may make you annoy. Having powered by Standard Li-ion 1150mAh battery it offers maximum talk time upto 3.5hrs and standby time upto 300hrs. This Blueberry Express comes integrated with 2MP camera with digital zoom that captures the images in fine 1600×1200 pixels resolution counts. You can record videos too. The precise details of currently available Spice cellphones are easily accessible on naaptol.com.


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Spicing Up the Holiday Season

The best Christmas presents are not necessarily expensive or hard to find. You will know if it is the best if it can simply compel the person on the receiving end to smile upon unwrapping your present. Furthermore, these are gifts that can usually convey a specific message that the gift giver wants to put across. It can be a gift to say “thank you,” “have fun” or even “I love you.” Naturally, choosing the right gift means taking a person’s needs and wants into consideration. Below, you can find a fewgift ideas to spice up the holiday season for folks who happen to have a green thumb.

The red hot chili pepper actually exists and I am not referring to the band. This plant belongs to the nightshade family. In terms of its “hotness,” it is a lot hotter compared to its bigger and milder family members. A mild family member of the nightshade family would be the bell pepper. A bell pepper does not really have as much heat as its smaller family member. Still, all sorts of peppers are great for adding flavor to different dishes. Hot chili can actually grow in various Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, India and Thailand. Fortunately, this plant is rather easy to cultivate. It is capable of producing fruit within sixteen weeks. If the person with a green thumb happens to enjoy spicy food as well, the pocket garden to grow hot chili can be one of the best presents you can give him or her. If you aren’t familiar with chili, you should know that there are a lot of varieties. This implies that you can actually give a different pocket garden each year. The Caribbean Red might not adapt easily to UK weather. Other options can include the Habanero and Naga chili. An interesting type of chili created in New Mexico University is called Numex Twilight. This plant’s fruit actually changes its color from purple to yellow, orange and red. When it turns red, the chili is already ripe.

A pocket garden is not limited to just chili. If the person you are buying a gift for already has all the different types, you can always choose to give herbs or flowers. One good thing is that you will never really run out of plant to give away. Also, anyone who truly has a green thumb will love all your gifts.



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The Art of Making Spice Tea

For most of us, tea is the first thing that we need in the morning to get us moving from the bed. . It is sort of an eye opener one may say. And if it is a spice tea then it removes the last stress of sleep and makes us completely active for a new day to come with new challenges. Spice is basically known as the flavor of India and the spice tea made here is famous over the world. But there are many other countries where spice tea namely orange spice tea and cinnamon spice tea are made.

Orange spice tea is an organic tea which does not only taste great but have its own natural qualities that is quite healthy. Juicy oranges mixed with spices make a awesome blend. This is how you can make your own orange cinnamon spice tea at your home. You can try out brands selling orange spice tea or can even make it at home. What you need are cinnamon sticks, dried orange peel, whole clove, whole black peppercorn, black tea bags and sugar for taste. The next is the making process which requires a small bowl where you can combine all the ingredients except the tea bags. Then remove the string of the tea bag and put the mixture in a cheese cloth. Then boil water according to the amount of ingredients and boil it with sugar. If you want to have it without sugar you can omit the sugar part. When the water comes to boil place the mixture in the cheesecloth that is tied well in the water. Leave it for 5 minutes and you can have the refreshing spice tea.. For most of us, tea is the first thing that we need in the morning to get us moving from the bed. . It is sort of an eye opener one may say. And if it is a spice tea then it removes the last stress of sleep and makes us completely active for a new day to come with new challenges. Spice is basically known as the flavor of India and the spice tea made here is famous over the world. But there are many other countries where spice tea namely orange spice tea and cinnamon spice tea are made.

For more information on orange spice tea, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the cinnamon spice tea!

The Spice Islands of Tanzania


The spice island or the Zanzibar archipelago is composed of various small islands but the well-known ones are Pemba Island, Unguja Island and the home of several small islets known as Mafia Island or “Chole Shamba”. It is the part of Pwani Region and is administered by the mainland. The place is considered to be a source of great attraction for those tourists who love to dive, swim, snorkel and also for those who come in search of tranquillity and relaxation along the waterside. So if you want a leisure time at the place which is very less crowded by the people and represents the picture of true Swahili coast, just head towards these islands by taking cheap flights to Dar es Salaam .The area offers you charted planes to reach Mafia Island which also owns the airport, Mafia Island Airport located in Killindoni town.

The Mafia Island covers the land area of about 394 square kilometres with various small islets where people reside. The main one is Chobe Island which is spreaded over an area of about 2 square kilometres and provides shelter to almost 800 people. It serves as the actual harbour and main abyssal water anchorage of Mafia and the extension of water between the Rufiji River and deltas is known as Mafia Channel. The word Mafia is originated from the Arabic language morfiyeh which means ‘archipelago’ or ‘group’ and also from Swahili language word mahali pa afya which means “a healthy dwelling-place”. An agglomeration of tourists visit the Marine wildlife centre on the island and also the first multi-user park of Tanzania situated on Mafia Island.

There are many interesting activities, the island offers such as the world-class snorkelling and scuba diving. It has been confirmed by many scientists that Mafia is an oasis of the richest reefs of the world, featuring the unique variety of soft and hard corals and abundance of colourful breeds of fish. The island provides you the fantastic dive sites between Mafia and Kilwa with channels, bommies and reefs of ultimate beauty. If you visit Mafia in the months between November and March you will be mesmerized to view the whale sharks in the island of Mafia and Pemba. These soft but gigantic creatures accept the divers in the depth of oceans without any hostile behaviour and this whale watch tour will undoubtedly be the best experience of your lives.

You can also enjoy kayaking in some of the ideal spots such as La Lua Cheia and Kinasi which is an unmatchable fun for couples as they are double craft so the partners can paddle together for a thrilling adventure. Besides the tourists have other options as well such as sailing, fishing, tour of remote islands like Chole and Juani, picnic and boat excursions and several other land activities such as cycling, a calm walk, guided adventures, bird watching ad also the road excursions. You can also visit the Pemba located in the close vicinity which is also gaining fame as the best diving spot and a haven of very unique and large number of marine life. So this time when you plan your holiday trip, don’t think for any other resort other than the mesmerizing Mafia Island.

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Spice Up Your Health With Curcumin

Curcumin isn’t actually a spice itself but is one of the ingredients of Tumeric the popular Indian spice. It’s curcumin that gives Tumeric it’s yellow color as well as the majority of the health benefits associated with this spice. Typically used in curries, turmeric/curcumin has a strong taste that may not be appreciated in the west but if you want the health benfits you can always get your recommended curcumin dosage in a capsule (although it is suggested that eating it in food is more beneficial to your health). Used for centuries in India, Asia and the Middle East for its culinary and medicinal uses it has long been recognized for it’s anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties but today’s medical community is also realizing that it’s healing properties go far beyond that.

How Curcumin Benefits Your Health

Recent studies have shown that curcumin can be beneficial for everything from arthritis pain, to brain health to cancer to preventing Alzheimer’s. As suggested above, it can be enjoyed in your food or taken in a capsule but either way, there are a few curcumin side affects you might want to know about which are discussed in the section below. That being said, it is relatively safe and a potent antioxidant that can really help your overall health.

According to a recent study curcumin was found to relieve pain and increase mobility for patients with osteoarthritis. The study used a specialized formula that included 200 mg of curcumin which has superior anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it worked so good that it was thought to be superior to NSAIDS normally used with far less side effects.

Another one of the curcumin benefits has to do with it’s positive effects on brain health. The American Journal Of Epidemiology reports even occasional use of turmeric-curcumin can increase brain power as tested by using a standard mental test called the Mini Mental State Examination. Not only that but another study done at the National University of Singapore reports that curcumin may prohibit the build up of amyloid plaques which are harmful protein deposits found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients and may play a role in slowing the progression of the disease.

Next, find out more about the many curcumin benefits including how much curcumin you need to eat, the possible side effects and get some great recipes that include curcumin at http://www.naturalhealthbuzz.com.

Chipotle as a Spice!

Smoked jalapenos otherwise known as chipotle chillies are widely used in chilli produce to add depth and that touch of “je ne sais quoi” that so many people love. But sometimes it is just better to use the real thing and adapt your cooking to the chilli itself rather than rely on other manufacturer’s produce.

We offer whole dried chipotle chillies, about 15-20 per bag on average, which can last up to 18 months (we have even used them 6 months after the expiry date and they were just as good) so at least you can be sure that these will last you a while. We have experimented quite a lot with these, although sometimes over or under-doing it but we are now able to gauge how much is needed depending on what we are cooking. One of the best uses for whole dried chipotles that we have found is in a Spicy Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup.

To make this soup, just gently fry some chunks of good quality chorizo before adding pieces of sweet potatoes, onions and adding about a litre of water or vegetable stock to the mix. Pierce the skin of 2 or 3 chipotles to taste and put in the pan so that the water can get in and rehydrate the lot. Let it simmer for at least an hour before blending with a food processor. For added texture, fry some pieces of chorizo and put them in the soup before eating piping hot!

The Chilli Pepper Company Chipotle Chilli Flakes are amongst some of our favourite produce at The Devil’s Garden, not only because of the quality of the chilli flakes themselves but also because of the pungency and overall authenticity of the chipotles. You can tell just by looking at them that these are 100% pure chillies rather than bits of flakes with added chilli powder to bulk things up. We commonly use them in fajitas, sprinkle them on pizzas and they are just to die for when cooked slowly in a chilli con carne!

Blair’s Death Rain Chipotle Shaker is a practical way to add spice to any meal when you are out and about. You even get Blair’s iconic skull keyring when purchasing a shaker! Chipotles have been reduced to a very fine powder so you can add as little or as much as you wish to your meal and even sprinkle some on cheese on toast!

Chipotles are and will surely stay one of people’s favourite chillies as the taste is just to die for and the heat seeping through is mild enough for most beginners to handle

Ivor is the Director of The Devil’s Garden and an all round chilli geek, he loves everything spicy and his chilli plants are like children

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New Spice Projector Mobile Phone

If you fond of watching movies and videos on big screen then, the all new and compact Spice popcorn projector will sort out your this purpose. Spice popcorn projector is the innovative communicating plus entertaining device from the company that gets you big screen fun right in your hand or pocket. Spice popcorn comes with various functional and advanced technical features in order to serve the rich tech experience.

Spice popcorn projector offers the quick and easy accessibility to the Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, etc and lots more. It also supports the numeral web apps including web apps including Nimbuzz (multichat), Skype, Wikipedia, Wapedia-mobile, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, ibio, Google, Zenga TV, Naurki-search jobs on the go and many more.

The all new Spice popcorn has been graced with exceptional and highly-featured camera that has single touch operations and various other accessorial supports like Multi Shot, Night Vision, Photo CLI, Zoom level, Brightness level and video recording option. These features add extra brilliancy and creativity to your camera work along with this also enhance the projector perception quality.

Spice popcorn easily appeals with the sleek dimension of 119.2×50.3×17.35mm but relatively feels little bulky with total weight of 123gms. The internal storage capacity is good with average storage usage, in advantage it also accepts the external 16GB T-Flash memory card and allows you to load really smart sum of the data. Spice popcorn projector comes with GPRS internet connectivity and WAP browser for unlimited web surfing.

The multi audio file supported media player gets you the pleasing experience of your favorite music stuff. So, with this projector plus communicating device you don’t need to give a thought about the music format while playing your loved tracks. The technical sophistications and performance offered for the Spice popcorn projector price are really amazing. This compact projector comes with various other basic attributes.

If you do a relative study of the Spice mobile price list with other brand’s price list then you will get to know the actual difference. Even, if you are on tight budget you find Spice mobile price list much flexible. On internet you will get the precise details of Spice popcorn projector and updated Spice mobile price list. If you are browsing for such reliable source then logon to www.naaptol.com that also enriches you with plenty collection of various other products, enables you to compare the features and price of the products and gain the benefits of the best online deals with discounts.


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