Favorite Indian Cuisine in US

According to popular belief, Indian food and chillies go hand in hand. While this is not necessarily true all the time, there are some dishes that will definitely make you feel the heat. Indian food is perhaps the most varied cuisine in the world. Each region, city, state or even a street in India have their own secret and special Indian recipe to delight the people. In India, food is seen as a symbol of sharing more than just great taste – it is about making new friends, learning about cultures and spreading love. Indian cooks have about 25 spices on their regular list and it is from these that they produce curry flavor.


Tandoori food is northern specialty and refers to the clay oven in which the food is cooked after first being marinated in a mixture of yogurts and spices. Tandoori chicken is a special favorite in many places in USA due to its taste. Chickpeas or Chana is a well-loved vegetarian food in India. Several different kinds are available and used. Chana masala is one of the favorite indian dish that is greatly admired in US by some vegetarian community as it is good source of protein contents. Indian spices such as saffron, turmeric and coriander that are used in every dish of Indian origin has its great medical importance as well as it add extra flavor and smell in the cuisine which tends to attract more people to taste it.


Rice is the staple food of the Indians but it is given much importance only in the South. There are lots of dishes prepared from rice and the people of US like to have such items in their food as the taste of such dishes is good. Indian curries can be made of vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, lamb, and pork. Mostly vegetable oils are used for this purpose. These curries are accompanied by different breads like Roti, Nan, Kulcha etc. these are widely famous in US due to the blend of taste these dishes possessed.


Rogan Josh is a curried lamb popular in Kashmir where it originated and also in most parts of India as well as widely favorite in various parts of US. Another famous Indian dish is the Kababs. These are found all over north India with a lot of variations. Kebabs from Hyderabad and Kolkata are widely famous in US. Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Kali Dal are some of the Indian cuisines that are widely favorite among the US people.


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Lemon-Pepper Nonsense – Change Begins With You

One day, I was watching “Divorce Court” and a lady was complaining about her husband because she felt they were too different. So different, the marriage couldn’t possibly go on. One complaint that stood out in my mind was the way he cooked his eggs. She was upset because he liked to season his scrambled eggs with lemon-pepper. Anyone with sense knows that divorcing someone because of the way they cook makes no sense at all. Yet, so many people divorce because of irreconcilable differences. This lemon-pepper nonsense was just a wake-up call to the reality of marriage for this lady. Her spouse had things about him that she did not agree with or understand. She was unwilling to accept the fact that they had their differences. She was coming to realize that she could not change him the way she thought she could.

A lot of us go into relationships with unrealistic expectations. This happens in friendships as well as marriages. People fail to realize that if you want someone to change it begins with you. Have you ever heard of leading by example?  If you want to see improvements in your relationships try looking in the mirror first. You might be the main one who needs to change. You know who I’m talking about-the loud talking woman; the man who has to be in control of everything. Now, I’m not ignorant to the fact that there are special cases where the other person really does need to change. In many cases, these tend to be abusive relationships.

None of us are perfect, but what makes relationships last is when we try to be better people and are willing to accept that we are different. Here’s something to think about: Who are you trying to change? What could you change about yourself? What’s the “lemon-pepper” in your relationship? If you are willing to take an honest, unadulterated look at yourself, you may be surprised at what you find.

Shalanda is a Relationship Coach specializing in couples communication. She works with military and non-military couples, married and dating. Her weekly Tuesday Life Balance teleseminars (219-509-8333 code261180, 8:30PM EST) teach couples as well as individuals time management, stress management, and organizational skills so that they can learn to lead more satisfying, fulfilling lifestyles. Visit her at http://www.tookeswilderguidance.com Also visit her relationship and family blog at http://www.shalandarian.today.com

Wood Fireplace Inserts

There’s nothing nicer then the issues that you make by hand, the exact same may be true about building a fireplace. Finding a high quality fireplace repair organization may be a hard job for those that aren’t certain what to look for or what to expect as far as customer service or price is concerned. These kits might be simply ordered on the web and shipped proper to your door. Experts are constantly availablee with helpful suggestions, advice, and safety measures.

Asking around to family, friends, and co-workers is an superb method to come across a great fireplace repair firm. Numerous fireplaces can add to the attractiveness of a home either outside or inside. You should have decided where you’d like to start construction of your fireplace. You are able to not just slap some rocks together and believe which is going to work.

Another outstanding method to discovering a reputable firm is by looking at internet internet sites which are dedicated to customers. Some times it could be a whole lot safer to come across some 1 that has been professionally trained in building a fireplace. In case you look on line you’ll discover several locations that provide locations that supply their services in building a fireplace and they’ll listen to you and maintain the form of design in mind that you would like.

There are lots of safety suggestions to think about whenever you have fireplace construction. Building a fireplace is exciting and time consuming however it is well worth the time and cash that you’ve decided to invest in building a fireplace. If your fireplace is constructed on the inside of your property, then you must install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside your residence. Constantly maintain a fire extinguisher on hand.

Constantly maintain a fire extinguisher on hand. Maintain fireplace totally free from flammable supplies. Constantly use a grate and maintain the screen closed. Never use gas or lighter fluid to begin a fire.

Maintain fireplace totally free from flammable supplies. Often use a grate and maintain the screen closed. Never use gas or lighter fluid to begin a fire. A fireplace may be constructed by you or a liscensed fireplace professional.

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Windows Board Up – A Quick Fix

Broken Windows is a common sight worldwide. The cause could be a mischievous act by a naughty kid from the neighborhood or could be natures fury in the form of Tornado or cyclone. Rather than investigating on the cause for a broken window, the first step should be to board up the broken window. Properly boarded windows mainly helps the house from any further damage to the house by not letting the rain, wind or heat affect the interiors.

The most commonly used and readily available material to board up windows is Plywood. If your house is located in a cyclone or tornado prone area, it would be advisable to have a small stock of plywood in your garage or in the attic. Also, ensure that they are prepared well before they are needed. Boarding up broken windows is not a tedious job. It does not require more than two people to get this task done. So, to board a window, you dont have to go looking for a Carpenter. DO IT YOURSELF!!

What is required to board up Windows??

– First and foremost, have good and quality plywood. It is advisable to have Marine Plywood because while manufacturing marine plywood, specially treated to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods

– Now that you have the raw material, you need to have a Measuring tape to measure the size of your Kansas City Windows so that plywood can be cut to the required size. Have a Permanent Marker to mark up the measure dimensions.

– Having measured the window size, next thing in the kit list should be the Saw. To make the work easy, it is best to go for an Electrical Saw.

– Flat head screws that are corrosion resistant

– A Drill bit (preferably electrical) to make holes in the plywood

How to board up??

– Measure the frame dimensions of your replacement windows Kansas City.

– Using the Electrical saw, cut the plywood sheets to required shape and size of your windows frame.

– To avoid any confusion later, have a numbering system to identify which plywood sheet is cut to fit into which window. Mark it down with the marker.

– Using the drill bit, drill 3 to 4 holes on each side of the plywood sheet or more no. of holes depending on the size of the Windows frame. Take care to leave enough space for the whole location from the edge of the plywood sheet.

– Place the plywood sheet exactly on the Windows frame. Hold it tight and start drilling to drive all the screws home.


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Safety First! Winter Use Of Laptop Should Not Have Five Taboos

Immediately Road looking less and less exposed their little sister, young and old husband who does not know whether you feel chilly, cold winter have to come. Friends who live in the north may now be busy winter reserves of materials, what jacket, blanket, gloves, collar, Chinese cabbage, radish … … … … You asked me cabbage, radish and Notebook What is the relationship part? You know how winter cabbage notebook but you know how you weathered the winter? Use the following winter, and you talk about the top five notebook taboo.

One taboo! Do not use the notebook outdoors

Many friends in the woods like a movie, and younger sister in a small river access, on a bus in public-hyun this, the winter should all get rid of these habits, because the laptop is very cold. ?? You to give the notebook to wear jacket? But also to the notebook around scarf? Your laptop if you have fever or even provoke smoke fire not try to find a neighbor call 119, I ah.

Fragile lot, actually this stuff Winter outdoor use notebook is not the first reason is that low temperature will hurt notebook TFT screens, TFT screen, the best use of the general temperature of 40 degrees to 10 degrees over the temperature range of the color TFT screen becomes abnormal aging speed, if used in low temperature TFT screen can range from weight may appear dead pixel TFT screen is causing permanent damage. Northeast’s friends may have had experience, cell phone screen in the cold outdoors can become very light pale color, in fact, this is the TFT LCD screen inside the degeneration of the material has begun. If you really want to experience the following TFT screen, why is it called “LCD” screen, then put your laptop on the cold one night outside the bar, when the liquid into a crystal inside the screen, your screen may become a famous super-black crystal screen or a high-brightness screen, and no matter how frustrating it is you are always the same color. TFT screen for your health in the winter to give up using the laptop in an outdoor bar.

If there is a low-temperature fuel cells are not afraid Do not use the notebook outdoors in winter

second reason is the low temperature will hurt notebook battery. Most notebook computers are currently used lithium ion batteries, the battery has the advantage that the weight of large capacity, but also brought a very cold this shortcoming. General civilian capacity lithium in zero time will be reduced by 20% to minus 10 degrees when probably only about half capacity. The North’s friends all know that winter on the phone if I had not power the warm bosom of a warm can re-use for some time, this is because the battery temperature is too low because the result of a call on it out. This use of one or two may not have much impact on battery life, but a long way if you use the battery may cause permanent damage. Do not use the notebook outdoors in winter

third reason is that feeling is also uncomfortable also easily lead to misunderstanding. Ask yourself alone in the cold wind blowing, the stream of water into ice, lush trees into the light Dodo’s Shucha child, occasionally there are a few slices of dead leaves flying from side to understand your know that you have this hobby, do not know what you thought you were my wife drive it out of homelessness. Another great winter so cold, shivering in the estimates by hand, and little sister accidentally hit into chat: sister sister sister ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sister early morning ~ ~ am not eating!, Little sister, that quasi- you are not with the bust of stuttering increases. For their own health, for their own glorious image, winter or not to use the laptop outside the city good.

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Pepper Sprays Make A Great Gift Item! Plus A Pepper Spray Could Be A Life Saver!

Hopefully any of your friends or family, to whom you give a Pepper Spray as a gift, will NEVER have to use it, but if they do, then it just might save the day! That might make you the hero! These days, when there is more and more crime everywhere you go, people need some sort of something for self-defense, just in case! Wouldn’t you rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it?

Pepper Sprays Make A Great Gift Item! Plus A Pepper Spray Could Be A Life Saver!

Maybe you need to get a non-lethal, self-defense pepper spray for yourself and you would also like to pick one up for your mom, your sister, your daughter, and/or your best friend! These pepper sprays are legal in all fifty United States, but in MA, MI, NY, and WI, they have very specific laws as to where and how you may purchase one, but if you are in one of the other contiguous United States, then here is good news!

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Pepper Sprays Make A Great Gift Item! Plus A Pepper Spray Could Be A Life Saver!

Since you don’t want to drive out of your way to look for these, and they don’t happen to have them at the mall or in a grocery store, you can conveniently order online! I sell Wholesale Pepper Sprays but in small quantities, primarily to those who want to resell them for a CASH profit, however we have a sample pack that contains ONLY six, and this could be perfect for you! One in your pocket or purse, one in your car, and four to give as gifts to others you care about! It’s perfect! 

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Wood Drilling Machine

For the fastest and most accurate drilling the wood drilling machine is what you should look for (though it is not portable still it serves a lot of purpose). Due to its versatility to complete numerous jobs this tool has become an essential item on floor of any shop.
The working of a wood drilling machine is quite simple. It uses a fixed drilling head positioned above moveable workbench. Throat capacity is important as it measures the size of the workable area. The throat capacity is the distance between the bit and the rear of the workbench.

The size of a press is determined by the distance the drill bit is from the column, a 12″ press would be capable of drilling a hole in the center of a 12″ disk. Looking back at its history we find out that these tools were originally designed as a metal-working tool, but are now commonly used to work with a variety of materials.

One important part of this tool is the keyed chuck, there are three holes around the chuck that the key fits into, to prevent a bit from slipping after tightening the bit move to the next hole and tighten again, then move to the third hole and tighten again. Accessories are available that allow the Press to complete a wide array of day to day jobs.

These include performing as sanding drums, rotary planners, whole saws and mortising equipment. The best part of this equipment is its torque which is incomparable with the portable counterpart. Another plus for it is apart from its changing role as a sanding drum, it is absolutely designed for making holes. And you can count on it with closed eyes as it handles the job with precision with repeatable accuracy and control that’s impossible to maintain with a portable tool.

This equipment has been modified to serve different purposes. The most common presses available in the market are Bench Top model (mount directly to a workbench or on their own stands. Their compact size makes bench-top models good choices for small shops), Floor Model (usually have more powerful motors, more attachments/accessories and greater material handling capacities than bench-tops.

The extra versatility makes floor models good choices for serious DIY and commercial shops), Radial Wood drilling machine (have a movable spindle that can be adjusted to the work. This type of machine is convenient to use on large and heavy work or where many holes are to be drilled since the work does not have to be readjusted for each hole) and Portable Wood drilling machine(yield the least power, but are convenient for small jobs and travel. For someone without a functioning wood shop, this tool can be necessary).

While operating on any mechanical tool like this one your first priority should be safety. Always abide these methods for complete safety while you work. Always wear eye protection while working on the floor. Run your tools at correct cutting speeds.

Use a vise or clamp for handling small material. Remove waste chips with a brush and never by hand. Slow down on the pressure applied as bit breaks through material. Never drill with too much pressure, if the bit is dull sharpen or replace it. If drill binds, shut off machine, turn chuck backwards by hand to free bit. When drilling deep holes withdraw drill to clear chips frequently. Remove drill chuck key immediately after using. Keep floor area around tool clear.
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Oil And Oil News From Diverse Nations

The journal Science, recently published the research conducted by the scientists and the experts on the oil spill of the BP, the report showed a vivid picture about the disaster that took place in the Gulf of Mexico, and it also declared that around 185 million gallons of the crude oil was present in the Gulf of Mexico during the time of the devastation. A couple of scientists were deployed to discover the flow of the turbulent billows in the water with the help of submerged cameras, which produces a high resolution output and it will be converted to images and with the help of these evidence the scientists performed their examination and they published the real facts.

The news revealed aroused suspect between the people of the United States since previously, BP released a report saying that there was 42,000 gallons of leakage per week and then they increase to 210,000 gallons per day. Then the oil rig in the Deepwater Horizon was put 11 men to death during the April and the efforts made towards the oil well went in vain, so the BP oil spill is considered as the most regrettable disaster that took place in the history of the United States.

The General Mills, one of the emerging food making firm in the United States declared that the company will not support the incriminated companies which destroy the rain forest for the producing the palm oil. Jerry Lynch, the Chief Officer of the General Mills declared the there is huge increase in demand for the palm oil and this demand is enhancing the pressure on the rainforest environment , this rainforest environment is considered as the most precious one all over the world. Most of the multinational companies which are engaged in the palm oil extraction is moving backwards since the extraction of Palm oil destroys the forest resources and the habitat of the wild life is affected to great extent.

The Ghana Oil Company provides more opportunities for the investors and it is considered as the trustworthy investment terminus by most of the industrial analysts. The analyst declared that the Ghana Oil Company has some contestation in the recent times, but most veteran analyst studied and declared that around $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 amount is invested by the Ghana Oil Company for rebranding its image in the global market. There are many baffling ills in the Oil and gas sector it includes the disputation which took place among the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and Kosmos Energy, where Kosmos Energy is one of the well renowned firm which decided to sell some asset to the ExxonMobil without considering with Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

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Safety Tips and Caring for Fire Pits

Fire pits are great when entertaining friends and family during a chilly autumn evening. After all, don’t we all have memories of sitting beside the fire and exchanging warm stories while roasting marshmallows? Mine’s a little thrilling as well, because my friends and I used to exchange ghost stories! To make these evenings more enjoyable and as safe as possible for many lifelong memories there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you light a fire. Although to most of us the things mentioned in the list are common knowledge, but you can never be too safe and reminders are always good.

Before you start a fire, know the fire regulations in your town.  Many public places do not allow a fire pit unless they are covered by a spark screen. Also it’s important to check for low cut branches, and underground cables. Children should be kept at safe distances away from any fire.
There are better ways to dispose of your garbage. Don’t throw garbage in the pit, especially plastic wastes like used soda bottles, plastic bags, and food packaging , as they release harmful fumes, that harm not only your health but also the environment.
If you’re thinking of fuelling up your snow mobile or chainsaw, make sure that you are doing so at a safe distance from the fire pit. Sometimes the fumes itself are enough to light a fire. Make sure to keep kerosene filled lanterns and portable camp stoves away from the fire pit.
When you are around your pit, make sure a avoid spraying bug spray on yourself. Aerosols are extremely flammable. Also try to avoid using hair spray or any other kind of aerosol spray.
While it sounds great to enjoy by the fire side after a long day of hunting on camping trips, make sure to keep ammunitions as far as possible.
While it’s always fun to watch the color change when you throw chemicals, like borax, Epsom salts, potassium and other chemicals, these chemicals can create toxic fumes that are let out in the environment. The fire pit is not your chemistry lab and don’t use it as one.
Fire pits are essentially to be used outdoors. As much as the temptation to start an indoor fire inside your tent, resist it. These fires let out fumes that could be dangerous.
Never leave a fire unattended. It’s easy to assume that the fire would have cooled down, just because there are no open flames. Remember to take care that the ashes have cooled down.

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The Two Most Powerful Pepper Sprays

In the last 10 years or so self defense products like pepper sprays have boomed in popularity with the civilian community. They have been used for decades by law enforcement agencies and military types for crowd control and criminal apprehension. They were so successful that their transition to civilian use was just a matter of time.

The next time you see a police officer look on his utility belt to see if you can find his pepper spray. The next time you see a mail carrier ask him why he carries a pepper spray. Those are two pretty powerful endorsements to an inexpensive yet very effective product: defensive spray.

It uses a derivative of one of the most powerful caustic peppers in the world-the cayenne pepper. The basic ingredient is oleoresin capsicum or OC as it is called. It swells the nasal membranes making breathing very difficult. It also causes choking and coughing, extreme tearing and oh yeah did I mention the pain? It is probably one of the most intense pains you can endure-more than enough to get somebody’s attention.

Self defense products are meant to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation and seek help. Pepper sprays do that and will give you as much as 45 minutes.

Most pepper sprays use a 10 percent concentration of OC spray. Wildfire pepper spray uses an 18 percent solution nearly twice the potency making it the most powerful pepper spray on the market.

And most pepper sprays have a range of 8 to 12 feet; some goes high as 18 feet. But the Mace pepper gun has a range of 25 feet. It uses a disposable replaceable cartridge to disperse enough OC spray for seven shots of 25 feet each. It is perfect for multiple attackers and many of my customers use it against dog attacks.

When are you getting one?

Cheap pepper sprays are best found on the Internet. There you will find a wide variety of choices from a wide variety of distributors.

When it comes to protecting yourself pepper spray products are the way to go.

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The “other guy” is thinking the same thing and to him you are that “other guy”. There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your life and safety is worth far more than the cost of a pepper spray.

If you are in the market for a self defense product look for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Stun guns are not legal in some states. Pepper sprays have restrictions in some jurisdictions. Check with your local police department first before you get one.

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Cheap Pepper Spray
Wildfire OC Spray

Mace Pepper Gun