Woods Wins But Not Tiger

Some people may think that I’m talking about Tiger Woods. But it was not. I was talking about his awesome niece, Cheyenne Woods, who just won the ACC women’s individual golf title on Sunday.

More than 200 people were there to witness her final putt. She finished a career-best five under par with the victory. Then Uncle Tiger tweeted, “My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots with Callaway X-22 Irons! That’s awesome, I’m so proud of her.” He added, “Now I am going to pick up some chicks, a six-pack of Miller Lite and it’s off to the blackjack table!” Okay, so he didn’t tweet that, but he very well could have.

It has been a while since any “Woods” has been a top the leader board, but I love that it is Cheyenne’s impressive feat making headlines, rather than her uncle’s shenanigans. To be clear, the last time Tiger won a tournament was at the Australian Masters in November 2009—only two weeks before The Incident.

Like her famous uncle, Cheyenne’s first coach was Tiger’s dad. Before attending Wake Forest, she played golf for Xavier College Preparatory and won back-to-back Arizona state championships in 2006 and 2007. In total, she has won more than 30 amateur tournaments, although the ACC title is arguably her greatest victory.

In 2009, she received an exemption to play in the LPGA Tour by Ping K15 but missed the cut by four strokes. I do not think we will be saying that often in the future. I also like the fact that she has replaced Michelle Wie as golf’s next “It” Girl.

Crazily, Cheyenne Woods is the third straight Wake Forest golfer to win the individual title. On the other hand, UNC won this year’s team championship.

While we are talking about The Dark Side, it should be noted that Prince Harry, Harrison Barnes, has decided to return to Carolina, along with the Muppet twins, Tyler Zeller and John Henson. I wish I could mock this or make fun of him, Woods Name Is back on Top of the Leaderboard but I give him props for making a great decision and putting school and winning ahead of money. God, I hate when UNC does something admirable.

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