Latest Callaway FT Fairway Wood Review

The Callaway FT Fairway wood is one of the most recent additions to the Callaway line. The FT is engineered for performance with Callaway hoping a conventional hosel will give it a broad appeal. There’s everything from a Tour 13 degree 3-wood to a 9-wood, plus “neutral” or “draw” bias choices in some models.


FT Fairway wood is a very nice looking golf club, designed with some very attractive graphics. Launched in late 2007, the club is a fairly recent addition to the market, and is likely to appeal to many golfers.


The club has a stainless-steel face and body and a tungsten-infused soleplate that accounts for 44 percent of the clubhead’s weight. The dual-runner sole helps with turf interaction, and the leading edge has been lowered to work better with more types of swings. OptiFit allows for draw or neutral weighting.


The Callaway FT fairway wood delivers the utmost in performance and playability. The FT fairway wood represents the latest evolution of Fusion Technology, a multi-material process that gives Callaway Golf engineers the utmost freedom in design.


The Callaway FT Fairway Wood has one of the most aerodynamically impressive designs I have seen on a set of woods this year. The sleek, stylish design of the clubhead is truly revolutionary, and I felt that it greatly extenuated the overall production value of the club. It gives the user predictable, consistent ball flight that never forces the user to fight themselves out on the course. This is greatly appreciated by amateurs and experienced golfers alike, as we all know just how much the mental aspect comes into play out on the links.


I have tried this club a few weeks ago. In my view, there’s no arguing with the results. It’s incredibly solid. . . . This club just takes the ball up into the air by itself. . . . Stable is the key word. It has the most stability on mis-hits.


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Cleveland Launcher Fairway Wood Review

I bought this club to help me have an easier time getting 210+ yard approach shots airborn. Let’s read the specification about it.

Tradition and technology collide to produce a conventional looking head that is far from conventional in performance; the Cleveland Launcher Fairway Wood is designed using Cleveland’s most advanced fairway wood technology to create this high performing golf club. The longest, straightest Cleveland Launcher Fairway Wood ever produced boasting a low spin, mid-trajectory and high MOI profile giving it all round results from various lies. Beyond the Launchers head design, the latest Fujikura Fit-On shaft enhances a players swing speeds for additional yardage giving you all the components you need to hit high towering approaches into greens. The Gold shaft (Standard Trajectory) is aimed at the golfer who seeks a low-mid ball flight for a penetrating carry that pierces through the strongest of winds for a complete D2 swing weight. The introduction of a new larger face at over 11% more than any other previous model, Cleveland golf have designed a face with maximum forgiveness from both heel and toe miss-hits producing one of the most consistent performers on the market even on bad swings. A new higher MOI gives extreme stability and balance through the impact zone for the perfect strike, even on heavy lies in the rough the extreme club head speed will ensure an explosive impact for a solid connection. A classic shaped club head blended with state of the art technology to create this highly advanced Cleveland Launcher fairway wood that is as deadly from the fairway as it is from the tee, add accuracy and confidence to your golf bag.

I am usually very picky with fairway woods and none have really set well with me off the fairway. Off the tee I can belt anything but I wanted one reliable fairway that I could master and trust to go to for that tee shot down the center or that long approach shot from the fairway. I think I finally have that long approach shot from the fairway thing looked after. I really like everything about this club. I like the grip, shaft and head. I like the low profile head design as that helps me off the fairway get the ball up. I am really glad I went to a 5w instead of a 3 or 4 wood. The extra loft really helps me out and I don’t lose enough distance to need another club off the tee.

This will be my trusty side kick for hopefully years to come. I have really cycled through fairway clubs, so hopefully the search is over! The stock luancher shaft is very good. Usually I advocate upgrading but this shaft gets the job done.

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Callaway Diablo Edge 3 Wood Fairway Wood

The Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood takes the foundation laid by the Big Bertha Diablo fairway woods and develops them into an even more impressive model with between 10 and 12 yards being added to your shots.


Callaway have improved their excellent Variable Thickness Technology to provide the Diablo Edge fairway wood with a much hotter, more aggressive clubface that consistently delivers much higher ball speeds. As with the Diablo Edge driver the fairway features Callway’s highest ever moment of inertia which has been achieved by redistributing most of the weight to the perimeter of the club.


Committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, Callaway have also provided the Diablo Edge fairway with the deepest centre of gravity they have ever achieved in a fairway wood to help promote both distance and height while the slightly larger clubheads make the Diablo Edge accessible to every level of player.

From the outset it is noticeable that the Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood has a more rounded head than the previous Big Bertha Diablo fairway wood. As proof of the Diablo range’s pedigree the Big Bertha Diablo fairway wood was one of Phil Mickelson’s favourite ever fairways and we can’t argue with that! The head is bigger and deeper and we felt that reduced emphasis on the draw bias was a positive and is noticeable both in the technical specifications and visually at address.


But it remains the bigger and deeper head that gives the Diablo Edge its edge! We found it an absolute joy to hit and very forgiving. The medium trajectory makes this a fairly universal club that will be accessible to all levels of players. Lower handicappers might be tempted by the more controllable Diablo Edge Tour fairway wood but anyone looking for a confidence boosting fairway woods that is sound from tee and turf should give the standard Diablo Edge serious consideration.

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