Wood Finishes on Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity cabinets come in many different sizes and styles. There are ones that have double sinks in them, some have legs like a chest of drawers and others are simple ones with no drawers. The countertops and sink assemblies come in several different materials and colors. You can purchase shallow sinks, or deep sinks and even sinks shaped like seashells. The combination of styles and color combinations is almost endless. The one basic thing all these different bathroom vanities share in common is wood.


Almost all pieces of cabinetry like this are constructed from wood. You have a wooden base, wooden drawers and wooden doors. There are a few modern styles that are constructed from glass and other materials but 90% of these pieces are made from wood.


Several different woods are used to construct cabinetry. Birch is one of the most popular. You will also see cabinetry made from cedar, white oak, red oak, white pine, yellow pine, ash and even exotics like magnolia. Each type of wood has its own particulars that make it acceptable to use in cabinetry. Like the birch, it is a mid priced wood that takes stain very well, and can duplicate the look and coloring of many of the higher priced woods. Birch is solid and dependable. It is not bad about splitting when it is under construction. Birch has beautiful wood grains and looks just as good with a natural finish as it does with a stain and varnish. It is a very common wood for cabinetry.


Bathroom vanities can also be constructed from cherry wood or mahogany, but they are not used as often. Cherry wood and mahogany are both magnificent woods to use in cabinet building, but they are quite a bit more expensive than the birch or the yellow pine would be. Sometimes the cabinet maker will build the cabinet out of a cheaper wood or wood product, and then glue very thin veneers of a more expensive wood on top. This way they can give the cabinetry the look of cherry wood or cedar without having to price the furniture so high.


More frequently the wooden pieces are merely stained in the appropriate color of the pricier wood. Cherry and mahogany stains are very popular. Then the stain is topped with clear varnish to give the piece that glossy look and make it easier to wipe clean. This varnish coating also provides some water protection for the wood. In bathroom vanity cabinets it is wise to have some water protection. To find beautiful pieces like this for your home there is no need for you to travel all over town and tire yourself out looking. Simply go online and you can shop directly at the warehouses for the pieces you want. You can take your time and if you wish to look at something you saw earlier again, then it only takes a click of the mouse instead of a drive back across town. Buying direct from the warehouse will also save you money.

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