Floor Tile Mortar – How To Mix, Lay, & Key-in Floor Tile Mortar, Proper Mixing Ways

If you are not exactly certain on that sort you may require for your application but, your local ironmongery shop ought to point you in the right direction. Almost about brands, I personally don’t have any specific preference on that to suggest, as I have found over the years that all of them work in addition because the other.
Customary floor tile mortar which the professionals use comes in the form of a dry powder which you add water to in order to get the consistency of mud. There are more varieties available which are pre-mixed and ready to slap straight on to your floor, but I highly suggest that you keep away from these when tiling floors, for reasons I discussed in a very previous article.
To combine the mortar correctly, you really have a choice of solely two methods. Either by use of a heavy duty power drill fitted with a mixing paddle, (or an actual mixing drill specifically built for the purpose), or by the great recent fashioned technique of applied ‘elbow grease’ using your trowel.
When going with the traditional manual methodology, this may clearly take some considerable amount of effort and time with an finish result of having forearms like ‘Popeye’. However, it is still terribly effective and it’s how I personally started out when I initial began floor tiling.
If opting for the easier mixing drill technique, a simple cheap paint or plaster mixing paddle attachment fitted into the chuck of a drill will do the job ideally, however do not go using any common domestic hand drill. With the amount of drag concerned in mixing thick mortar, you’ll simply fry the motor of a little drill because of excessive friction.
Use only a drill with a minimum of having a 1/2″ chuck fitted therefore you know that the motor has some affordable amount of power to handle the drag, and build sure you have at least one aspect handle for higher management over mixing. If ever you are not positive whether your drill can deal with the job, then test it first on small quantities of mortar combine to determine how the motor fairs, and simply go along with your instincts from then on.

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Install Hardwood Floor

How to install a natural stone floor


As with all rigid tiles a firm sub-floor is needed for the laying of a natural stone floor. An even and level sand and cement screed is the ideal surface, but suspended wooden floors need not be a problem as long as they are strengthened. Normally waterproof plywood screwed down to existing floorboards at 200mm centres is enough, but if in doubt it is best to get professional advice. If levels are problem, plywood can be screwed straight to joists (if the joints between the sheets are supported by noggins at 250mm intervals )


The tiles should be laid with an adhesive. The adhesive bed  should average +/- 5mm in thickness, but should never exceed 10mm. When laying on a suspended wooden floor or using any form of underfloor heating, a flexible additive must be used with the adhesive and the grout.

In all instances the back of the stone should be ‘buttered’ before fixing to provide a key. If the tile is too dry it must first be wet with water to improve adhesion. When laying light colored or thin limestone white adhesive or white cement slurry with sand/cement semidry must be used.


Every natural stone is porous and therefore we always recommend that a sealer is used.

The amount of sealer to be used depends on the porosity of the stone. It is always best to apply three coats, the first of which must be applied before grouting. After grouting, a second and then third coat should be applied. There is a saturation level beyond which the stone will not take any sealant. Excessive sealing will leave streaks on the surface, which are difficult to remove. If streaks appear on the surface they should be wiped of with a dry cloth

The sealers always work best when applied to dry stone. It is important to wait until the stone is completely dry before starting to seal the floor.


A cement-based grout should be used. It is important to use the right colour of grout, usually a light beige or light grey is the best option. We recommend that the grout is specified to be as close in colour as possible to the stone. If the right shade is not available off the shelf, a darker colour should be mixed with white. When grouting limestone it is important to work very cleanly, avoiding any reside at all drying on the surface of the stone. This is important because the normal way of removing grout is with an acid, which would attack the limestone.
Width of joint is a question of taste. As a general rule a wide joint (6 to 10mm) will give a more rustic look than a narrow one (2 to 3 mm). If in any doubt over the colour of grout to use we recommend that you ask the tiler to make up some grout samples for you to approve.


Once the floor has been laid and sealed the care and maintenance required is low.

The floor should be moped with a recommended stone cleaner or water.

It is vitally important that any cleaner that contains detergents should never be used – repeated use of detergents can strip the sealer from the floor. A sealant will protect the floor from the majority of stains, but care must still be taken with oil and acid based products. Spillages should be cleaned as soon as detected. Any stain that does occur can be cleaned with an intensive stone cleaner. Please be assured that marks on limestone floors are very rare. For further information please contact us.

Every 4 to 5 years (dependant on wear) the floor will need resealing. This is normally done by a tiler.


The appearance of some stones can be improved by adding a sheen to the surface. There are several ways of doing this:

- Using a finishing productl. This is applied with a mop and will give the appearance that the floor has been polished. To maintain the finish these products create the treatment should be carried out every 2 – 3 months ( dependant on wear )
– It is also possible to polish / wax some floors. This is a more labour intensive method than the treatment above. It is recommended that you ask a tiler to carry out this process.

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Hard Wood Floor Options

One of the best things about wood floors in Plano is the sheer amount of options. There are literally hundreds of different types of wood to choose from. From there, you can choose to get perfectly uniform boards, distressed, or hand scraped finishes. Colors range depending on the wood from light to dark, and you can further customize the colors using different stains and sealers. Your floor can literally be created just for you. Let us take a look at some of your options when it comes to choosing hard wood floors in Plano.

The first thing you will find out when you go to choose your hard wood floor is that no two products are created exactly the same. You will see solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and even laminates. Laminates may look like wood, but that is where the similarity stops. Solid wood flooring is exactly what it says, one solid piece of wood for each plank. These types of floors have a lot of limitations, but also provide a lot of options for refinishing over the years. Another popular choice, that is gaining on solid wood every day, is an engineered hardwood floor. Because of their construction, these floors are generally longer lasting and more stable than solid wood, especially in moist conditions. The cost of that durability, however, is that you are limited on refinishing. The choice is up to you, so weigh what you want and need and decide which is best for you.

Whether you choose solid wood or engineered, you will be faced with literally hundred of different types of wood to choose from. Include the possible stains and finishes, and you may find yourself confronted with thousands of different choices as to the final look of your wood. Luckily, most people already have some idea of what their looking for in their hard wood floors in Plano. You can buy your wood pre-finished or raw; hand scraped, distressed, or perfectly uniform; and in varying lengths, widths and qualities.

The best thing, by far, about wood floors is that you can customize them to suit any interior. If you are looking to make a classic statement with your home, consider a hand scraped floor to give that old world texture. If it is finished on site by a handscraper, that is even better. For a more modern style, maybe simply distressed wood, or even perfectly uniform wood is right for you. You can choose to finish your wood with a clear, natural stain or get so dark the wood is almost black. It is up to you what you want to do. That is the best thing about wood floors in Plano homes.

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Utilizing Glass Mosaic Floor Tiles To Update Dull Fire Places

Fireplaces are among the home functions that folks will discover in places that tend to be vulnerable to dealing with chilly in order to frosty climate conditions. Nearly all fire places tend to be pretty fundamental inside their style. The majority are made out of either packet or even rock and roll, while some really are a little more modern within their technique as they pass pre-fabricated styles created using sheet metal fireplace boxes. Although these are able to do the secret so far as heat the location upward, they might easily develop old-looking in addition to very boring. Individuals who attempt to avoid getting this kind of dull components to their fire place find that dangling artwork products over the fire place may enhance the actual fireplace area but that may only accomplish this much because it might merely be another way of pointing the actual on-looker’s curiosity in the fireplace itself onto the artwork that dangles over this particular. Following your entire day, anybody who have been to look back down in the fireplace may still realize that the actual perform is a that is dull as well as ineffective regardless of the fireplace which riff as well as dance near to whenever the hearth is illuminated.

we may wonder the way you might update the hearth in order that it would in some manner increase a good as well as smart pizzazz that can definitely provide bursting existence in to the space where the fire place is situated. The truly amazing idea that isn’t frequently utilized entails getting glass mosaic floor tiles installed to transform the hearth through being boring to be able to vibrant. For those who crave a lot more extravagant styles, bankruptcy attorney las vegas exquisitely- GC: Crackled Glass hearths in addition to mantles as well as whole fire place surrounds. The finish ensuing associated with fire in addition to molded rock certainly will make a great stylishly bold statement.

GS: Glass & Stone tiles have always been a brand new approach to rebuilding any kind of space that will certainly make the most of a brand new appears, and also the same task applies to fireplaces. The beauty of getting your fire place improved by utilizing GI: Glass Impressions tiles would be that the entire room may gain aesthetic positive factors in the task as soon as it’s reached conclusion.

To start with, you’ll have to think about how you will be to start the particular floor tile set up. Fire places with sleek areas are better to make use of because the floor tiles are certain to adhere perfectly concerning the current areas. With regards to the actual layer area of the fire place, glass mosaic flooring permit an excellent choice due to the contemporary contact which Brick Pattern 3×6 variety floor tiles provide towards the surface.

So far as choosing the glass mosaic floor tile you will use, it is as easy as looking at with your nearby floor tile supplier to find out what styles and colors they’ve to be able to determine which One you are feeling works harmoniously with your common style. discount Glazed Porcelain,

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Advantages of under floor heating

Facing chilly winters in the high latitude regions of the world can be nail biting and can lead to grave problems to your health and other cold injuries. It becomes very difficult for aged people and especially children to tolerate the cold weather as their normal routine also gets affected due to the winters. There are many ways to overcome this regular seasonal problem and methods to bypass winters are very expensive at times. Underfloor heating is a very efficient and economical method to defend yourself from callous winters and is one of the best heating options across the world whether you want to use it at your home or in office. Under Floor heating generates a thermally secure atmosphere and retains a better in-house air quality at lower energy consumption. Some of the advantages of the Underfloor heating are as follows:

1- Cost: Though the initial cost can be more but in the long run this method attests as a money saver and cuts down your monthly electricity bill to minimum as compared to other conventional methods.

2- Efficient: This method is far more efficient than the time-honoured methods as a result of minimal enclosed air circulation as compared to convective heating.

3- Safety and Uniformity: Under Floor heating is a harmless method as it uses natural air movement. This method also sustains a standardized level of heat throughout the space to be heated and does not make hot and cold pivots which can be very detrimental and itchy.

4- Floor to ceiling temperature : The heat is dissipated from the feet to the ceiling; which gives a very comfortable experience.

5- Solar energy: Nowadays scientists have devised ways to amalgamate the solar heaters with this system and thus cutting down the cost of your monthly bills.

6- Luxury : You can have the luxury of moving all around your home bare footed without caring about the outside chill inside your home.

Water Underfloor heating is another method to revise the usual methods of heating your homes electrically. It uses many different sources like solar power, Gas and electricity to warm up your homes and lead to a comfy living in winters for your family. Water Underfloor heating is a very healthy substitute of heating your home thus creating a secure and relaxing envelope for your family and thus shielding you from the ruthless winters outside. This method is Safe, poses a lot of variety, is a healthy way of living and costs you very less on investment.

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Under Floor Heating Adds Comfort To Your Home

A chilly home is definitely uncomfortable hence some form of heating is required. This is especially true during the cold winter months. There are several methods of providing indoor heat, and under floor heating is one of them. And this is achieved through conduction, convection, and radiation.

Types of Under Floor Heating

This form of heating may utilize electrical resistance or hydronic system. The details are as follows:

Electrical resistance: This makes use of flexible heating elements installed under floor finishes. It has the advantage of simple installation, which is due mainly to its fewer components. These come in either cable or mat, with the latter being even easier to install although it may end up being slightly more expensive. Due to its lack of complexity, this method is more popularly used in households.

Hydronic system: This utilizes a water and anti-freeze mixture that is circulated through a boiler. And since fluid is involved, more expensive piping is required. However, this method allows for cooling as well. This means that it can handle air conditioning during the warm summer months, which is something that the electrical resistance method cannot emulate.

Both these means of under floor heating may be applied in a localized area or for the heating of the whole building.

Benefits of Under Floor Heating

1. This form is perceived to provide better heating comfort than others, and this may be attributed to the fact that the heat emanates from the floor and radiates upward.

2. It retards the growth of bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. on the floor. This improves the indoor environment and fosters the well-being of the occupants.

3. The heating elements are safely embedded. Hence there is minimal likelihood of burns or accidental tripping.

4. Provided quality materials are used and the recommended installation procedures are followed, years of trouble free operation is expected.

5. If you will be using underfloor heating mats, installation will be simpler and cheaper.

Choosing an Under Floor Heating System

First, you have to decide on the type of system that is most suitable for you. If you are looking for one that will do heating and cooling, then the hydronic system is the way to go. But be resigned to the fact that the initial cost is higher. However, this system definitely affords more flexibility because you have different energy options as well.

For households, using electric powered heating elements is more popular. Definitely, the initial investment has something to do with this. But the simplicity in installation is also an important factor. You can purchase underfloor heating mats and do the installation yourself.

In fact, kits that include the heating mats, thermostat, floor primers, etc. are available for this purpose. (However, connecting to the main power source should only be done by a qualified electrician.) Installation of the cable type will require more patience and planning. But it can also be done on a DIY basis, albeit with a higher level of difficulty.

Regardless of the heating alternative utilized, a warm home during cold winter days will definitely add to the comfort of your dwelling.

If you are looking for under floor heating solutions, log on to floorheatingsolutions.co.uk. This is the website of a UK based supplier of quality underfloor heating mats. They have different varieties of heating mats that will surely satisfy your requirement.

Which wood floor?

Wooden flooring is one of the oldest of all the house building traditions that are still in use today. The materials we use to build our walls, struts, roofs and windows have changed radically over the last few hundred years, but the wood floor that can be found on the second storey of any ancient farmhouse is very similar to that of a Victorian terrace house or a modern, newly built home.

Like any concept that has remained more or less unchanged for hundreds of years, wooden flooring has such staying power because it does the job and does it well. The demands made on floors of all kinds are quite severe when considered over a period of years or decades. First, they must be strong enough to withstand constant weight- not just of people walking around, but of heavy furnishings and household appliances. It must be forgiving underfoot and not too cold.

Quality wood floor boards fulfil all the requirements. Unlike fully rigid materials, wood planks flex over time. That’s not a bad thing. It allows houses to settle naturally- as they inevitably will- without harming the rest of the structure. There’s no denying that wood is also visually attractive, and a well maintained wooden floor is a beautiful compliment to any home, new or old. No two are exactly alike even when they are made from the same kind of wood and to the same standards.

Wood is a great material, but the type of timber is important and so is the quality of the milling and engineering of a particular board. Hardwoods are usually far more durable than softwoods like pine. Pine grows fast and it’s soft and easy to cut and shape, so pine boards tend to be very cheap, but a pine wood floor won’t last as well or be as strong as the hardwood alternative.

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