Woods Wins But Not Tiger

Some people may think that I’m talking about Tiger Woods. But it was not. I was talking about his awesome niece, Cheyenne Woods, who just won the ACC women’s individual golf title on Sunday.

More than 200 people were there to witness her final putt. She finished a career-best five under par with the victory. Then Uncle Tiger tweeted, “My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots with Callaway X-22 Irons! That’s awesome, I’m so proud of her.” He added, “Now I am going to pick up some chicks, a six-pack of Miller Lite and it’s off to the blackjack table!” Okay, so he didn’t tweet that, but he very well could have.

It has been a while since any “Woods” has been a top the leader board, but I love that it is Cheyenne’s impressive feat making headlines, rather than her uncle’s shenanigans. To be clear, the last time Tiger won a tournament was at the Australian Masters in November 2009—only two weeks before The Incident.

Like her famous uncle, Cheyenne’s first coach was Tiger’s dad. Before attending Wake Forest, she played golf for Xavier College Preparatory and won back-to-back Arizona state championships in 2006 and 2007. In total, she has won more than 30 amateur tournaments, although the ACC title is arguably her greatest victory.

In 2009, she received an exemption to play in the LPGA Tour by Ping K15 but missed the cut by four strokes. I do not think we will be saying that often in the future. I also like the fact that she has replaced Michelle Wie as golf’s next “It” Girl.

Crazily, Cheyenne Woods is the third straight Wake Forest golfer to win the individual title. On the other hand, UNC won this year’s team championship.

While we are talking about The Dark Side, it should be noted that Prince Harry, Harrison Barnes, has decided to return to Carolina, along with the Muppet twins, Tyler Zeller and John Henson. I wish I could mock this or make fun of him, Woods Name Is back on Top of the Leaderboard but I give him props for making a great decision and putting school and winning ahead of money. God, I hate when UNC does something admirable.

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Latest News from Tiger Woods

USA Today reported that Tiger Woods video game set a franchise record for first-week sales on Wednesday of Electronic Arts. The previous’s new on our discount golf clubs, we talked about that Woods has corporated with Nike golf for a long time, and if you want to know more Wood’s information, you can check our article Tiger Woods accepted the interview in Shenzhen  published yesterday.

The golf simulation game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, sold about 225,000 copies in the first week of release, topping the prior franchise record holder, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

Do you know that Woods fired a five-under par 67 and briefly grabbed a share of the Masters lead on the front and back nines but settled for a share of fourth for the second year in a row, finishing 72 holes on 10-under 278.

The most important addition for this year’s edition would be that the game includes the historic Augusta National course, in which the Masters is played. The brand new edition was launched March 29.

The record-setting debut is really a strong rebound from the 2010 version of the Tiger Woods video game. Amid news of his marital infidelity, sales of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 dropped 68 percent when compared to previous year.

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Tiger Woods Happy with Progress

Coming off a long winless operate that stretches again to 2009, the former world number 1 Tiger woods needed to be pleased together with his play at Augusta Nationwide final week. While it did not deliver him a 15th major title, it did present the golfing world that the old Tiger continues to be in there someplace.

‘I hit the ball really nicely about the weekend and produced some pictures – people are pictures I know I can hit. Which was entertaining and exhilarating,’ Woods explained on the Mission Hills Dongguan clubhouse near Shenzhen in China and shared how to increase your golf swing, where he is kicking off an Asian promotional tour. ‘It’s actually beginning to really feel really beneficial. This week was a rather excellent week.’

As he charged to a front-nine 31 in the course of Sunday’s final spherical to claim a share in the lead, the whole entire world saw indicators with the Woods of aged, but he came up small within the back again nine, unable to put collectively the aspiration round that may have proved adequate.

‘I played perfectly and regrettably just came up just a little small to the back again 9. But it surely was a entertaining entrance nine on Sunday. That was enjoyable. Had a blast,” Woods explained. “It was enjoyment becoming from the blend. However didn’t get it carried out.’

An older Woods reflected on where by he is together with his game now.

‘When I was 25, I was on tour and possessing a fairly beneficial operate around on the time, won a couple of tournaments proper about that age. And at 35, I haven’t won a issue.’

Woods realises his putter let him down on Sunday, and he advised enthusiasts throughout an afternoon clinic in China that he will do the job on fine-tuning his quick video game.

Whichever his recent fortunes, it was obvious that Woods is still a huge star in China, exactly where many hundreds of supporters who like 09 burner irons came out to observe his four-hole demonstration and listen to his pre-shot approaches courtesy of the wireless microphone he was sporting.

Woods also remarked about the progress of golf in China, and claimed it was only a make a difference of time in advance of a Chinese golfer joined the world’s most effective in the major of the rankings.

‘It’s been truly neat as a participant that has come right here for any number of decades to find out the progress from the enthusiasts and their understanding of the sport and their enthusiasm for your activity,’ he reported. ‘These fans are undoubtedly significantly extra experienced now in wholesale golf clubs.’

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Tiger Woods Could Not Win


He gained his best performance in the Masers of the past six years yesterday but Tiger may still can not win the champion. He played not so good in today’s game, and two over par, a total 211 levels in three rounds. And he was seven levels more than the temporary No.1 Northern Irish Rory Mcllroy. I wonder what club does Rory use? Is it Callaway Diablo Octane Fairway Wood or something else? In 2005, Tiger Woods got 65 levels which was seven under par in the Masters. He put on green jacket four times, it was like his prime time. Now, six years later, he was in the middle of relationship crisis, his image is bad, and he also was not as good as before. Wow, the good old times, i miss my callaway ft i-brid irons, they helped me a lot. But just before this year’s Masters, now i do not believe that everyone can win with callaway x-22 irons, he has everybody feel like to find his glorious shadows of the past, but not that good. You may be surprised how little effort it can take to bring your golf swing to the next level. Consider the following question. What makes a good golf swing? Why do some guys have it while others don’t? Well it turns out a big part of the answer comes down to what you do off the golf course. Below are some simple golf tips to follow that are guaranteed to improve your golf swing and drop strokes off your score. They could mean the difference between shooting triple digits or shooting in the 90s or even 80s. When it comes to golf betting, a difference between shooting in the 80’s and 90’s could mean a lot of money.
1) Warm up and stretch your muscles before you tee off. If you have ever been to a live pro golf event you will notice that the golfers don’t just arrive at the course and immediately head to the tee box. Instead they go to the driving range, stretch for awhile and then hit some balls. It is a fact that when your muscles are warmed up they perform better and in turn positively influence your golf swing. So try to arrive at the golf course a few minutes early to loosen up and take a few swings.


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Augusta Hottie Tiger Woods



Even Tiger Woods’ latest world rankings fell to No. 7 on Monday, but as the four time U.S. Masters champion, Tiger Woods in the first major championship of the year, popularity is beyond compare, even defending champion Phil Mickelson, is also not as popular as Woods. So if Woods got a chance to choose from taylormade r11 driver and a Nike equipment, regardless of the money they may offer him, which one do you think he will choose?

Tuesday noon, the media center interview room for the arrival of the two biggest names in particularly lively. Mickelson entered the interview room on time 12, 172 seats sold out the interview room for the first time, an hour before Martin Krymer’s interview, sitting only about half of the seat. Schedule an interview with Tiger Woods in 13:00, the broadcast media center arrived 10 minutes earlier, most of the reporters quickly put down their work and went straight into the interview room. Woods came in, all the seats already filled, the last side of the aisle against the wall, or stand or squat and squeeze into 30 people. He is that popular, so are callaway ft i-brid irons as popular a

When the host asked him to make a brief introduction about last week’s preparations for Augusta, he sure did some serious pre work, just like we practice with taylormade burner superfast 2.0 fairway wood at our backyard. Woods answered 47 questions. Mickelson answered 36, Krymer answered 29 questions.

Some tips, This golf tip discusses the best one that I have ever received. No, it wasn’t about “adding distance to your drives.” Nor was it about “foolproof putting.” Instead, believe it or not, the best tip I have ever received was on fairway bunkers.

The entire essence of the tip is as follows? “keep your lower body as still as possible when hitting a fairway bunker shot”.

It was quite a long time ago that I received the tip. (At a summer golf camp and I believe his name was Dan Mulhearn.) It also seems eerie that ten years after the fact, I still think about it every time I enter a fairway bunker. Because of this, I have always felt comfortable and been able to execute out of a fairway trap, no matter what condition my game has been in. A big thing to remember is that because it is a less aggressive swing, you will need to take extra club.

As for the over the top slicer, this softer lower body will result in less spin of your hips. Anytime you spin out and get that right side moving out and over, this will lead to chopping. Whenever you chop, especially in a fairway bunker, you have almost zero chance of executing the shot. Instead, you need to pick the ball as clean as possible. This quiet lower body will help you do this.

To further encourage this “picking it clean” action, your right shoulder should feel like it remains stationary to begin the downswing.

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Tiger Woods’s Childhood Story

Tiger Woods’s Childhood Story

He was named Tiger because once his father in Vietnam was saved life by a man named Tiger. In order that his child would remember this benefactor, Father named his son Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods’s father is American, his mother is from Thailand, who is black skin. After becoming famous, people was used to call him as “tiger”, because “tiger.” in English is the meaning of “tiger”, a wild cat , “woods” means “forest”. His parents gave him the name is also quite a sophistication, the tigers’ nature is wild and can be freely live in the woods at ease.

Should say, Tiger Woods’ childhood had not been so easy, his family’s economic background is not good. The family could be satisfied if they had enough to eat. So don’t think playing golf is only the rich’s entertainment and for poor children it is also available. Sensible little tiger. In order to reduce the economic burden, after school he always ran to golf courses and worked as a caddie. The so-called caddy is to help those who play golf to pick up the ball, or to carry their handbags thus to earn some money for his tuition fee and other self-expense.

When Tiger Woods was a child ,he showed an extraordinary talent. When he was at the age of three, he hit 48 rod grades 9 holes, then age 5 he was appeared on the golf digest magazine. When he was a boy of eighteen, he became the youngest American amateur champion, then unprecedented in 1994,1995 in 1996 he completed the event hat-trick.

In the summer of 1996, Tiger Woods appeared on a television camera and gave a heroic wave: “world, hello!” and  later, he started his ambitious career.

As to The 1996’s achievements, Tiger Woods is still feel very proud now. He became one of the professional players in 1996 in Milwaukee open ranks , and eventually got the 60th place. And thereafter he joined the match for eight times and he got the championship for twice, and another three times of the match he was in the top 10. Michelin Las Vegas championship, Tiger Woods extra-inning beat Ralph iii, won the first American tour championship in his career, and the time then is 6 October 1996. before that October was over, Tiger Woods won the Disney ship Wells classic, another important contest. And Next week is the tour championship, Tiger Woods’s bonus list rankings have entered the top 30, and also he got the access to the tournament. It must be an unprecedented great feat!

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Is Tiger Woods Out

In today’s crazy golf world, it’s always a bad day for golf when Tiger Woods has to miss a big tournament, so I guess you can call this a pretty terrible one for fans. June 7, 2011, Tiger Woods announced via Twitter that he will be unable to participate in this year’s U.S Open Major Championship.

Then, all of us known that Tiger Woods was out of 2011 U.S Open. So, some reports said Tiger Woods is out. In this article, I would like to tell you the latest commentary about Tiger Woods. If you want to know more golf news or golf clubs reviews, you may read this article about TaylorMade R11 Driver in my blog.

Last week, a headline on USA Today’s front page read “Tiger Out: Anyone can win,” followed by two stories bannered with “Woods’ injuries leave Open up for grabs” and “No Tiger, so Phil front and center” on the inside (Sports, June 15).

Yes, Tiger Woods was out, for what I hope will be the rest of the golf year. So why do you insist on putting his name in nearly every headline regarding golf? We all know he’s done and has been, theoretically, since he was caught cheating on his wife in 2009.

If he’s not playing, we don’t care. If he is, then you can tell us about it. (We still don’t care, but you have a reason to tell us about it!)

Let players like Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar, Steve Stricker, Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk and Fred Couples bask in the glory they so well deserve. They are living respectable lives, working hard for the good of the game and deserve to have the headlines. Tiger does not.

Now, Tiger’s left leg has been the source of his troubles since he ruptured his ACL and suffered a double stress fracture of his tibia during the 2008 U.S. Open. He miraculously finished the tournament, hobbling his way to victory at Torrey Pines in an 18-hole playoff against Rocco Mediate. It was truly one of the best sports performances many people have ever seen.

Tiger Woods returned this year to competitive play after some personal issues sidetracked him in 2009. At this year’s Masters Tournament, Woods aggravated his injuries and suffered an MCL sprain and a mild Achilles strain in the same leg. He attempted to give The Players Championship a go but had to withdraw after just 9 holes.

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Tiger Woods and Golf

Golf gets the worst reputation as a dull sport, as not entertaining to view on TV. Yet every season PGA matches get high ratings, offering high action in the frame of noble leisure. Golf also has had a stereotype as one of the least athletic pastimes-a number of husky figures in the sport supported this stereotype. Lately, however, we see a number of skilled athletes displaying heights of strength, grace and skill on the level with any other pastime. Wholesale jerseys wouldn’t not seem like profitable business for golf, but one athlete has clothes everybody demands. No person represents this change more than Tiger Woods.

Tiger, whose real first name is Eldrick, burst onto the scene in ’91 as one of the most exciting amateur players ever seen, when he won the US Junior Amateur Championship at only 15, the youngest ever to do so. Since early childhood Tiger had been an astounding golfer, having out-putted Bob Hope on national TV at age 3. After first winning the Junior Amateur Championship, he went on to win it two more times in a row-the event’s sole multiple champion. He was the sole amateur to make the cut at the Masters at just 19. Jersey wholesalers were already seeing the chance to make money off Woods’ style by this age. When he turned twenty he became a pro, and has not turned back since.

Tiger has won a staggering 14 major championships and has won each of the majors at least 3 times. Just the legend Arnold Palmer has more, and Woods is predicted to one day break that record as well. He has topped the Masters and the Player’s Championship each 4 times, this in just over a decade. He is widely picked as the best golfer in the world, probably of all time. Wholesale jerseys in the line worn by Tiger have been bought in the millions. His entrance into the professional tour was one of both pride and controversy. The first African-American golfer to achieve these glories in a once all-White sport, many of the private clubs he played on the tour would not allow him as a member. He has silenced these people by becoming one of the planet’s most well-known and capable athletes, the number one athletic figure of our day.

What Tiger Woods has presented to golf is athleticism, compelling every other athlete to strengthen his physique. Over are the times of overweight players competing to win tournaments. He has shown ability which has forced his rivals to golf even better. He has shown a desire and focus which is thrilling to watch each and every season. And the man has shown jersey wholesalers an armload of custom. In all, he has transformed the name of golf from something one listens to while napping on the weekend to something one inches up on the edge of the couch for. Tiger Woods has made golf one of the planet’s most entertaining sports, a feat simply unrivaled in the game’s storied history.

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Wish Tiger Woods Success

In the PGA Championship, it is said that the “Glory’s Last Shot.” But after what happened here in Thursday’s opening round, it’s really Tiger Woods’ last shot.

It is said if Woods doesn’t learn how to put the biscuit in the basket between now and his Friday afternoon tee time, his second major appearance of 2011 will end after two rounds. And in all likelihood, his tour season will have its very own obituary, too. Is it really like this?

Forget about winning his first major since 2008. That wasn’t going to happen here. But miss the cut — after leading the tournament through five holes? Now that could happen. “I’m not down,” said Woods. “I’m really angry right now.” That is the hero I admire. He was angry because he forgot he was New Tiger, not Old Tiger. Old Tiger used to overpower majors and intimidate fields into submission. New Tiger is still trying to figure out his swing.

According to Woods, Old Tiger and New Tiger crossed cart paths on the same day. Disaster ensued. “I just thought, ‘This is a major and you peak for these events. And once you get to a major championship, you just let it fly, let it go,'” said Woods. “And I did and it cost me … It cost me the whole round.” And I believe his Golf Clubs Sale will do him a favor.

So after the fast start, he blew off the mechanics of his swing and now has a 77 to show for Thursday’s round. By his own admission, it was a dumb thing to do.

But the miscalculation did more than cost him a round; it probably cost him any chance of ending a two-year winless streak, as well as advancing to the tour’s postseason playoff series. And if you’re Fred Couples, can you really justify a captain’s pick for Woods in November’s Presidents Cup in Australia? Although many people show their doubt, I think Woods will use his favorite Golf Irons Sale bring us a surprise.

Woods’ game was all over the Atlanta Athletic Club map. He was 3-under as he stepped to the No. 15 tee box (he started on the back nine). Then he went double-bogey, bogey, par, double-bogey.

In the round, it is so bizarre: six pars, five bogeys, four birdies and three double-bogeys. With AAC’s mashed potato-thick rough, driving accuracy is a must. Woods hit only 5 of 14 fairways. Although, the reporter described as golf death, I wish and convince that Woods could do well in Friday’s game.





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We Need Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the best golf pros around the world. A year ago, when all this stuff about Tiger Woods came out, like everyone else I was disgusted. I was disgusted by the fact that he not only cheated on his wife, but had no regard for his wife or kids not to mention.

Now, John Huggan’s stinging column in Golf World Daily this week has generated a lot of comment in the press tent, and tons of tweets, but not much reaction yet from readers. In this article, I would take something about Tiger Woods. If you want to know much more golf clubs reviews, you may read this funny review of TaylorMade R11 Driver.

Huggan wrote that he will miss Tiger’s golf, but not his personal demeanor with fans and the media. “I won’t be yearning for the flip side of the Woods character: The pointless obfuscation that seems to pervade his very being; the baleful and contemptuous stares at even a mildly impertinent interrogator; the lack of interaction with fans; the stupid and evasive answers to the most harmless questions.”

It’s about time that you really face the facts of life. “Tiger” is no longer a threat out there. These young guns have his number and he knows it…He had it made once. He blew it. So sad!

Does anyone else but me feel like the cheering for Huggan’s column yesterday was simply stomping a guy who’s down? The media — with few exceptions, Huggan, being one — have been enthusiastic enablers of the “other” side of Tiger’s character.

Most happily tiptoed around him, asking gentle questions, feeling lucky to get a smile or a nod! Some bragged about their special access. Others shook their wise heads when a fellow media member wrote something harsh about the world’s No. 1, as if to say, “Oh, boy, he’s in trouble with Tiger now.” If Tiger was petulant, we justified it. If Tiger was inaccessible, we played by his rules.

If Tiger was a bully, as Huggan writes, who stood up to him but very few? I’m not big fan of Tiger. He strikes me as a bit Nixonian, a list-keeper who feels he needs to settle scores with enemies, even when it’s his actions that created the enemies.

I won’t get over it. I won’t face the facts of life. Tiger will be back. I hope he’s kinder, gentler and wiser. But even if he’s not, he will energize our game. Thanks for reading my article! Also, we recommend the #1 driver – R11 Driver to you. If you want to know more R11 Driver review, you may visit Pickgf.com.


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